Electroneum Price Analysis: Is It Time To Say Our Goodbyes To Electroneum (ETN)?

Is this IT for Electroneum? I think so! Until and unless altcoins season is welcomed by the users switching their interest from the sharks, Electroneum might have to do some serious thinking. However, everyone is hoping that Electroneum can successfully realize a bulk movement to stay in the game. Otherwise, the grave will be set soon.

The prices are anyways not showing some magical surges, so what will that mean? Will Electroneum be soon out of the game?

Let’s see what price analysis has to say about the same.

Electroneum Price Analysis on 4th June 2019

At 09:46 UTC time, the value of ETN coin is trading at 0.003774 USD. The Return on Investment is calculated below the base, which is -96%. The market rank might shock you as it is still stationed at number 135. The Market cap value of ETN is 36,061,086 USD with 24-hour volume at 315,774 USD. However, the number of circulating ETN supplies might surprise you: 9,554,047,699 ETN, which is the total of ETN supply. It seems like some of the users are actually considering adding ETN in their portfolio!

ETN Coin Comparison

Electroneum price chart - june 4

Comparing the Electroneum price against BTC (Bitcoin) is trading at 0.00000047. Quite shocking, isn’t it? And the value keeps on decreasing. The value today is the lowest since the beginning and seems like it will drop even more.

SO considering short term trading might not be a good option as well. The only reason why investors are analyzing the trend is to understand how low it can go. Considering Electroneum as an investment portfolio, thus, might be an absolute NO!

Electroneum Price Prediction

No matter the level of resistance, you might analyze drop every single time. And thus, calculating the support level is tough in case of Electroneum. With the rumors of GOODBYEs of Electroneum, we might see that happening soon. However, if we see some bulk movement and partnerships with big sharks, ETN might surprise everyone!

Trevor Holman

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