Enterprise DAO allows cross-chain token staking

Enterprise DAO effectively fulfills its commitment to advance its cross-chain by offering the capability to engage in cross-chain token staking. In order to facilitate a seamless user experience while staking, token DAOs will be granted the ability to employ tokens acquired across Cosmos for DAO governance.

This grants token-based DAOs throughout Cosmos the ability to utilize the Enterprise’s staking, voting, and treasury management capabilities. Enterprise DAO strengthens the DAO ecosystem by connecting to cross-chain treasuries on Terra, Osmosis, Neutron, Migaloo, Stargaze, and Juno.

This novel iteration of Enterprise DAO will incorporate functionalities that share a common objective of streamlining the construction and interaction processes of Enterprise DAOs across multiple blockchains.

When creating a Token DAO, the developer is presented with the option of employing an existing token as the governance token for their Enterprise DAO. As governance tokens, each CW20 token and token factory that is registered in the station wallet may be utilized. In the case of a non-terra DAO, the development of a token is a prerequisite for DAO formation in the absence of such a token.

DAO members are granted an even more streamlined experience, as their sole duty is to establish a connection with their staking tab located on the DAO’s Enterprise page and specify the required quantity of staking. With the agreement, the tokens will be staked.

Enterprise DAO has added a gas top-up feature. If a user is unable to generate the needed gas fee token, Enterprise DAO will allow the user to exchange an asset in their wallet for the required fee token. Several improvements have been made to the un-staking and claiming procedures.

There will be more introductions in the following days. Add-ons for NFT DAOs and multisigs are in the works, as are other intriguing features like NFT staking on every chain. Pulsar Finance will become a part of the company. Token locking and vesting capabilities will be provided. There will also be governance rewards.

The organization’s objective is to establish itself as a comprehensive platform for managing on-chain enterprises.

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