Ether Makes a Cameo in the Latest Season of a Netflix Series

In what can be marked as a fascinating development, Netflix, the much-loved streaming platform, has featured Ether in its recently released show. The show in question is a science-fiction thriller called The OA which is a Netflix original and has returned with its second season.

The series features the usage of ETH (Ether) as its story is based upon the fictional online quiz game Q Symphony. The plot features one character winning a considerable sum of ETH by playing the Q Symphony game. Here, the digital currency takes the center stage but interestingly this inclusion doesn’t have to do anything with money laundering, trading, or dark web.

Ethereum Debuts on Netflix

There is no doubt that Ethereum holds the 2nd position in the popularity chart in terms of cryptocurrency market cap. Following its mass-appeal, the web series The OA also goes on to feature the digital currency with prominence. Ether is introduced in the 1st episode itself as a form of currency that is given as rewards to the players of its fictional puzzle game named Q Symphony.

As the “Part II” of the series has digital currency content, the story is understandably set in the technical hub of San Francisco. In fact, the show seems to be greatly influenced by a blend of supernatural as well as science-fiction. The series starts with a female character going missing who also has made ETH in a significant sum through Q Symphony. However, before she goes missing, she has transferred all those funds to none other than her grandmother.

What must be noted is the fact that the web series is set in the backdrop wherein the crypto market didn’t witness a slump in the majority of 2018, so you might notice a difference between the prices shown during the episode and the current prices. But that is not a major issue as the story has enough action happening to hold your interest.

What makes this show different from others is the way it has included digital currency in its story. Previously, there have been other shows as well as movies that revolved around or included crypto in its subject. But they either focused on trading (like in Billions’ one episode), dark web (like in the feature film Unfriended: Dark Web) or even computer hacking (like in a single episode of another Netflix series The Blacklist).

On the other hand, The OA features crypto in a more normal and acceptable light. It showcases ETH being given as rewards to the players in the fictional video game played online which is quite similar and closer to today’s reality that probably has multiple decentralized games in the developmental stage across the world. In addition, the cryptocurrency in The OA is also shown as an authorized payment method as its characters are seen transferring or accepting the digital asset without any questions.

What’s also fascinating is that the makers have chosen ETH over Bitcoin to take the center stage in their plot. That also indirectly indicates the crypto-savvy nature and futuristic crypto approach of the show’s writers.

Roxanne Williams

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