Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: MetaMask’s Last Report Reveals Surprising Results

Companies and proponents of cryptocurrencies have always shown a keen interest in the application layer of the space. The major sector where cryptocurrencies have penetrated is a web browser, and with the moving time, many big players will be seen joining the bandwagon.

Crypto-centric browsers like MetaMask and Brave have created a stir in a very short span of time. As per the latest report, the Ethereum (ETH) browser MetaMask that doesn’t require running the full node and yet allows the complete use of DApps gave the detailed report of system uses.

The report said MetaMask was used by 192,000 Monthly Active Users [MAU] and a 65,000 Weekly Active Users [WAU]. As per the recent report, Ethereum (ETH) browser MetaMask will soon experience the popularity like Oracle and Google Chrome.

The development will reflect its positive features on the coin in the cryptocurrency market as well.

Let’s have a look at the current situation of Ethereum (ETH) in the market.

Current Statistics of Ethereum (ETH)-

The price analysis of Ethereum (ETH) based on charts and records taken from TradingView, on 27th May 2019, at 03:12:38 UTC is given below:

Ethereum (ETH) chart

Particulars Statistics
Rank 2
Price 269.29 USD
ROI > 9000%
Circulating Supply 106,235,384 ETH
Market Cap 28,608,142,640 USD
24 hr Volume 10,137,287,451 USD

The charts are showing a steep uphill movement from April till May. The price has touched it’s three month’s high two times this month. On 27th May 2019, the movement in a coin is seen at an angle of 70o.

Comparison of Ethereum (ETH) Price-

At the beginning of the year, Ethereum (ETH) was at 133.42 USD. The coin has shown a tremendous upwards movement in the past five months. The current price of Ethereum (ETH), as on 27th May 2019, at 02:35:39 UTC, is 269.54 USD.

If we compare last month’s price with that of today, we will get the exact understanding of the movement trend. On 2nd May, Ethereum (ETH) was at 160.51 USD, whereas on 27th May 2019, at 02:35:39 UTC, is 269.54 USD. The price showed an uphill trend by 68%.

The ongoing advancements in Ethereum (ETH) will soon make the market bloom. The investors will earn a huge dividend on their investment.

Price Prediction of Ethereum (ETH)-

Ethereum (ETH) is presently experiencing a bullish trend. The same would continue for some time. In coming months the coin can drop by a few dollars, but the future seems bright. By the end of 2019, Ethereum (ETH) can touch 300 USD.


The increased use of decentralized cloud computing and smart contracts along with trending digital currencies has given new hopes to the companies dealing in the space to grow.

Soon, Ethereum (ETH) will be seen climbing the ladder of success. The same will benefit the long-term as well as intraday investors. To know more about Ethereum Predictions click here.

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