Best Stellar Gambling Sites 2021 – Top Sites to Gamble With XLM

What Is Stellar Gambling? Is it Safe?

Stellar Lumens is a popular cryptocurrency developed by Stellar Development Foundation and has gained momentum in the last 2 years, especially in the online Stellar gambling industry. XLM, the crypto unit of Stellar, is being widely used as a popular payment method at various cryptocurrency casinos.

Ideally, a blockchain-driven XLM gambling platform enables players to trade and gamble with digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies including Stellar Lumens.

Gambling with Stellar is profitable and the sector has a huge market cap. The reason behind its success is because of its transaction speed, affordability, low transaction fees and a selection of highly enjoyable casino games.

Furthermore, many popular online casinos have realized XLM’s evident rise and have started to adopt the currency to satisfy its players and let them enjoy the benefits of Stellar online casinos and the ever-growing gambling market.

Stellar Lumens online casinos provide full access to a fully regulated and licensed casino environment where the gamblers can find the most popular casino games including live casino games, table games, slots, card games, video poker, and many more. 

How Can You Use Stellar (XLM) To Gamble?

Many online sports betting sites have started to accept Stellar Lumens deposits and withdrawals. Gambling with Stellar provides one of the fastest and simplest to use processes when it comes to speed and energy consumption.

Moreover, the growing advantages have encouraged more people to use Stellar to gamble on different cryptocurrency casinos. Gambling on Stellar also offers many benefits like generous bonuses, huge promotions and reasonable transaction costs. Gambling with Stellar when it comes to online crypto sports betting is simple and straightforward.

  • Sign up or register at a Stellar casino
  • Link bank or card account with the Stellar casino account
  • Buy Stellar Lumens coins (XLM) for sports betting or gambling
  • Choose reputable and trustworthy online crypto casino sites or sports betting sites
  • Create an account on the casino site
  • Claim the welcome bonus
  • Select the favourite betting crypto market
  • Place the first wager on a gambling or XLM casino site

Stellar Gambling Vs Traditional Gambling

Stellar Gambling Traditional Gambling
Faster transaction speed that is usually within 24 hours.  Transactions take about 10 to 12 days to complete.
Supports a variety of modern payment methods including Stellar and other cryptocurrencies. Supports only the traditional payment methods like credit card, debit card, bank or wire transfers.
Offers provably fair games with utmost safety and anonymity.  Offers below-par privacy or security features.

Pros and Cons of Stellar Gambling

Stellar Lumens promotes itself as an open-source, distributed payment option that is constantly looking forward to connecting online casino players from every corner of the world. Stellar Lumens can successfully achieve this by allowing efficient and instant cross-border transactions.

Stellar Lumens’ native token, XLM is used within the blockchain for processing the transaction fees and for further development of the digital asset within the Stellar network.

In this way, Stellar Lumens coin can provide cheaper and faster transactions than other banking methods.

To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of Stellar casinos, read on below:-


Provably Fair

The provably fair algorithm is based on the advanced technologies that enable online randomization and provide a new level of openness and fairness. The provably fair algorithm makes use of the blockchain’s benefits to make the actions of randomization like flipping a coin or shuffling a deck of cards. This randomization process is entirely verifiable by all the gamblers playing Stellar casino games.

The use of provably fair algorithm by Stellar casinos generates the hands and keeps them to be verified later by the players. With this algorithm, the online casinos do not need to use any 3rd party company since it acts as a public ledger and hence, there is no need to be acknowledged by an authority or regulatory body. 

Low Fees

What makes Stellar Lumens unique is their transaction processes that take place on the decentralized Stellar network. Compared to traditional banking methods or other cryptocurrency payment options, Stellar network offers not only faster processing but also one of the lowest fee structures.

In many cases, the Stellar network processes its transactions between 2 to 5 seconds and the fees are as nominal as possible. If a player changes a cryptocurrency for another on the Stellar network, the fees incurred can be as low as £0.00006 for every transaction. 

Privacy and Security

The top online casinos provide safety benefits of the blockchain network. Bettors who look for privacy while online gambling can join Stellar casinos. Stellar gambling sites are recommended by experts since they are known for providing high levels of security and privacy.

Stellar Lumens and XLM casino sites are currently superior for their basic transaction and gambling purposes unlike other giants such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin in the gambling industry.

In addition to privacy and security, there are several reasons why people love to play on Stellar online casinos such as gambling for the big welcome bonus, free spins that offer excitement, an enthralling gambling experience ensuring safety and security to players, with the greatest and latest state-of-the-art technology and many more. 

Low Minimum Deposits

The top online casinos that accept Stellar Lumens are known for offering the lowest minimum deposits which is not all that common in traditional online casinos. This feature is ideal for first-time gamblers.

To be able to enjoy welcome bonuses and keep gambling at Stellar casinos, all players need to maintain a minimum deposit. Some online casinos require a huge minimum deposit to be maintained at all times. But Stellar casinos solve this problem, especially for new bettors who have very little experience and funds. 

High Maximums

Apart from offering low minimum deposits, another great advantage of gambling at a Stellar casino is the high maximums. While low minimums are suitable for first-time bettors, high maximums are ideal for high rollers or experienced gamblers.

Maximum deposits refer to the maximum quantity that the online casinos will accept from the player as a deposit. The maximum deposit may vary from one online casino to another since there are various factors that come into play.

High rollers are usually offered higher maximums at Stellar casinos. 

Online casinos are regulated strictly to make sure that they promote safe and responsible online gambling. This is why Stellar casinos impose maximum deposit limits on the players, to protect their spending and against irresponsible online gambling. Since online gambling is more accessible to players around the world, they need to be more stringent. 

Faster than Bitcoin

For players looking for the best sports betting sites that support the most reliable, simple and fast payment options, Stellar crypto sites should be the final destination.

Stellar casinos complete their deposit processes in just a few seconds while the withdrawals are processed in a few hours. The unique Stellar Consensus Protocol is one of the more innovative features of Stellar Lumens. 

The Stellar protocol is a network of systems located around the world that checks and rechecks the actions of others. This makes Stellar casinos and XLM deposits and withdrawals faster than other payment systems.


Risk of Loss

Coming to the disadvantages of using Stellar Lumens for gambling, the first point relates to the risks and uncertainties of playing with the Stellar XLM token.

While there are positives of Stellar volatility, there are negatives too that must be taken into account. Negative price changes can snatch all the joys of a big win. This is why players must be aware of the volatility of a cryptocurrency. 

To avoid this volatility of the Stellar crypto completely while enjoying the several benefits of crypto, players should consider gambling with Stablecoins.

A risk involved with gambling at a Stellar casino is that the network is powered by a chain of independent computer systems that constantly validate the work of one another. This system has no central authority and being open-sourced, everyone can run the validator. So, there might be risks involved if decentralization is not maintained. 

Site Licensing and Regulation

A crypto exchange or sportsbook holds offshore licenses for monitoring and regulatory reasons. Unfortunately, this makes the betting sites less reliable and prone to risks since the players get minimum protection against hackers and fraudulent practices. Experts advise gamblers to be vigilant. Stellar online casinos should belong to the top 5 options in a players list of preferences.

The major problem here is that a Stellar online casino does not possess profitable economic incentives for setting up a node and hence their number is extremely limited. Additionally, there are nodes with additional functions that require Stellar approval. So, all in all, though the system is decentralized theoretically, it is not as strictly regulated as the Bitcoin casino and Ethereum casino. 

Not Widely Accepted

It is true that many crypto casinos do not support XLM deposits or offer Stellar as a payment method. This tends to be a major drawback of this digital currency since many gamblers on gambling sites are still not aware of this cryptocurrency and its excellent benefits.

However, it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrency casinos accept Stellar as a payment method and the cryptocurrency gets more recognition worldwide. 

Set Up an E-wallet

Another major drawback of Stellar crypto gambling sites is that the players need to set up a crypto wallet through a different service. A crypto wallet is a digital wallet for storing crypto coins. Once the players buy Stellar Lumens, they can store and gamble with them at an online casino.

The process of buying, storing and using Stellar wallets can be quite challenging for new bettors.

  • Choose the best Stellar software wallets, enter the deposit section and choose XLM or Stellar deposit option.
  • The next step will require you to enter the Stellar wallet address and the amount of XLM deposit to be made.
  • Once the player clicks the submit tab, the funds get deposited in the wallet.

Why People Love to Gamble Online with Stellar?

There are a number of reasons why some people love online gambling with stellar. Using Stellar for online gambling offers the following perks that every player expects from an online casino or the best Stellar casino. 

Swift Transactions

Stellar is capable of processing hundreds of transactions within seconds with substantially low trading fees. A Stellar casino makes transactions faster and cheaper than other payment methods such as bank transfers, wire transfers, credit/debit card transfer, etc.

The deposit and withdrawal process is supported by ground-breaking blockchain technology that makes every transaction secure, reliable and fast.

The settlement time usually ranges from 2 to 5 seconds and the cryptocurrency competes with others such as Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Dash in this aspect. This feature is particularly useful for cashing out winnings and sports betting. 

Lowest Fees

Nothing is more attractive to gamblers than low transaction fees, deposit and withdrawal fees, guaranteed safety and quick transactions. XLM transactions in the Stellar blockchain costs about 0.00001 Lumens for the transactions to get processed. The market value of 1 XLM is about $0.22. 

So, the transaction fee is $0.000002. Compared to the global industry average, this fee is negligible. Stellar Lumens was introduced with the objective of providing a barrier to deter malicious actions against the XLM network and prevent overloading. 

Better Payout

Every online casino has a unique history and design behind it. Ideally, a Stellar online casino is a safe, and reputable gambling platform that puts out the best betting lines and offers one of the fastest payouts for all kinds of players around the world.

Players should keep in mind that to collect or receive Stellar payouts, they must make their deposits using the Stellar Lumens XLM cryptocurrency.

Usually, other cryptocurrencies and traditional banking methods such as bank wired, money orders, etc. take about 2 to 5 days to process the payouts. But Stellar payouts process the requests on the same day and with no added fees. 

Fun to Play Stellar Casino Games

No online casino can be a success without offering a wide selection of casino games. It is important to keep the players engaged with the most exciting games so that they remain at the online casino for long.

Currently, almost all the casinos have adopted Stellar Lumens as a payment method. The best Stellar casino has one of the best gaming libraries and that is the first thing that the player is going to look for, followed by the software providers.

Software providers play a significant role since players always look for above-par quality casino games from leading software developers like Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, Playtech and many more.

Moreover, players who make Stellar crypto deposits can enjoy an enthralling gaming experience along with some excellent slots, table games, live games and many more. 

SignUp Bonuses & VIP Program

When players use Stellar coins to fund their online casino, they get access to exciting and enhanced bonuses. While choosing a Stellar online casino, look for their welcome bonus package and VIP program. Most of the casinos offer welcome bonuses unlike the traditional online casinos.

Most commonly, the welcome bonus is a 100% bonus granted on the initial deposit made by the player in Stellar cryptocurrency. This is a great perk and a way of attracting more players to the platform.

However, it is true for all casinos that to reap the benefits of these bonuses and promotions, players need to meet specific terms before they are eligible to withdraw their winnings, known as playthrough or wagering requirements.

For instance, if a player deposits $100 worth of Stellar into their betting account and accepts a deposit match bonus of 100%, then $200 will get credited to the player’s account. Almost all crypto casinos have wagers unlike traditional casinos. 

Key Factors to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Any Stellar Online Casinos

The best Stellar casino offers an optimal way of enjoying the benefits for crypto bookmakers such as complete anonymity, crypto bonuses and less geographical restrictions.

Stellar gambling sites are of two kinds – one that allows players to convert their XLM deposits into fiat currency and another that allows players to keep funds in XLM only, thereby enabling them to double gamble. 

Apart from this, there are other factors that players must keep in mind while choosing an online casino that supported XLM:- 

Restricted Countries & Regulation

In 2021, cryptocurrency transactions and gambling is legal in almost all countries. If one can gamble online legally with fiat currencies, he can gamble with cryptocurrencies too.

There are many reputed and regulated casinos and bookmakers that accept Stellar as a payment method.

However, note that the Stellar winnings are not automatically taxed since financial authorities are not allowed to check the winnings directly. Stellar transactions can be traced back to the players if they commit tax frauds, so keep an eye on the taxes and pay them accordingly.

Finally, there are a lot of controversies relating to Stellar regulations worldwide. The truth is Stellar is a regulated cryptocurrency and it is fully compliant with the regulators.

Reputation and Trust

Stellar digital currency has an impressive reputation as it offers a wealth of benefits to its players and being developed on the Stellar network, Lumens stands out from the crowd.

The main advantage of gambling with Stellar at a legitimate trusted sportsbook is that players get massive improved bonuses while gaming. The crypto is well-developed in the crypto space somewhat same as gambling with bitcoin gives users many benefits.

Several professional traders use XLM as an intermediary currency to transfer value from one crypto exchange to another. This is possible because it comes with very low trading fees compared to other digital coins.

There have been no reports of fraud, shady actions or technical issues by the Stellar Foundation and hence, the platform can be trusted even though there are centralization concerns.

Payout and Withdraw Speeds & Terms

Coming to XLM withdrawals from a Stellar online casino, it is a simple to use process where the players can receive better Stellar payouts and transfer them to either hardware Stellar wallets or any other crypto wallets that can store the crypto coins.

The average withdrawal speed for a Stellar online casino is as fast as same-day payouts even when there are many clients with a substantial amount of winnings. Though online gambling is not as fast as the traditional casinos, the transfer or withdrawal speed is super-fast where the proof-of-work algorithm contributes to bridge the limitations of the cryptocurrency casinos. 


Stellar Lumens XLM can be directly paid to the casino that supports payments in Stellar through a safe and secure network. This means that the transactions will not require any intervention of a 3rd party company which eliminates various risks and uncertainties of contingencies and vulnerabilities.

Every feature at a Stellar casino can be intuitively used while maintaining an exciting gaming environment with engaging casino games. Since the casino games are developed by the leading software developers, the platform becomes all the more secure and safer for the gamblers. 

Bonuses & Rewards

The welcome bonus packages in the Stellar casinos cover the first deposit made by the player. The welcome bonuses cover the first 3 or 4 deposits that the player makes at the online casino. This is attractive for the first-time bettors.

This means that the players get different bonuses over and above these initial deposit bonuses. This way, not only the gambling experience becomes more exciting and thrilling but also opens several opportunities since the players now have more power and control over the casino games with a higher initial bankroll, irrespective of which gaming title the player chooses.

Mainly, there are types of bonuses that Stellar casinos offer – Welcome Match Bonus and Generous Reload Bonus.

Welcome Match Bonus

One of the most generous and best bonuses the players can take advantage of while joining a Stellar casino is the welcome bonuses that are slightly different from the bonuses offered at a traditional online casino. 

At traditional online casinos, the players usually get welcome bonuses of 100% on the initial deposit. While this is great as the players can enjoy more online crypto games with double funds, XLM casino bonuses are not the same.

After the player signs up at the best Stellar casino, the most generous welcome bonus is offered that is usually more than 100%.

Generous Reload Bonuses

After using the services of an online casino, it may so happen at a point, where the player is left with no funds in his casino account. This generally happens after the player is satisfied with his winnings and has withdrawn it from his playing account. This is where the Stellar reload bonuses come into play, acting as an extra benefit contributing much more to the exciting gambling experience for all players.

In traditional casinos, the players are used to the recurring reload bonuses as many of the best casinos offer them but the same is also available at a Stellar casino. Sometimes, these reload bonuses are bundled with deposit match bonuses and free spins. So, all in all, Stellar casino platforms can provide better rewards and bonus offers than other traditional and cryptocurrency casinos. 

Provably Fair Stellar Games

Probably fair is a unique technology used in crypto gambling that adds transparency to the Stellar casinos and verifies whether the bet with crypto outcomes are fair and correct. The Probably fair system is based on a cryptographic algorithm that uses hash functions that are extremely difficult to break or decode.

An open algorithm is used by the gambling operators such as random seed generation, hashing, or random number generators. Each transaction comes with a unique algorithm and hence they can be checked to find its fairness.

Stellar blockchain platforms are completely immutable and transparent. Payouts and purchases are open to all players on public ledger that is impossible to tamper. Hence, provably fair Stellar games offer a better, safe and secure gambling environment for the Stellar crypto users.

Cryptocurrency Compatibility as a XLM

Though Stellar Lumens is not as popular as its counterparts such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cryptocurrency is slowly being adopted by many cryptocurrency casinos in 2021.

Players are learning a lot about Stellar Lumens as a cryptocurrency and the benefits that come with it. XLM, Stellar Lumens’ native token offers a raft of advantages. High security, stability, low transaction costs and fast transaction speeds combine to make Stellar an attractive digital token to the punters and casino operators alike.

With the increasing recognition and compatibility of Stellar Lumens in cryptocurrency casinos, fiat currencies are becoming less interesting. Additionally, inflation makes the fiat less valuable.

Hence, players and casino operators have more reasons to adopt Stellar Lumens and other digital currency as a payment method in the online casinos. 

Stellar Gambling: Guide, Tips and Tricks

Not many gamblers are familiar with the crypto industry and there are too many misconceptions regarding purchase of crypto and using crypto in a gambling platform.

The process can be quite challenging, especially for the first time bettors. However, with this Stellar gambling guide, the process becomes a cakewalk!

As the crypto world is over-expanding in the last few years, many exchanges and gambling casinos have started allowing users to buy Stellar and almost all the types of digital currency.

Read the Stellar casino guide below to know more about the depositing and withdrawing processes of Stellar Lumens- 

How Can I Start to Gamble with Stellar? 

Step-by-step guide on how to register online at Stellar Gambling sites:-

Step 1: Choose a Legit Stellar Casino Site

With the rising number of cryptocurrency casinos, people often get baffled when they are asked to choose a legit Stellar gambling. To start gambling with Stellar, the first step involves choosing the appropriate Stellar gambling platform that offers a simple process of registration and enables the player to enjoy the innovative and exciting online casino gambling.

Note that apart from the factors or advantages mentioned above, while choosing the best Stellar platform, it is important to check whether the chosen casino is legit, regulated, and licensed with above-par reputation. 

Step 2: Create an Account

After choosing the most secure and reliable Stellar gambling platform, it is now time to create a gambling account. The registration requirement for various casinos. Users need to provide their personal details such as name, phone number, date of birth, email address and password while creating a casino account.

Once the personal details are provided by the user, the exchange requires identity proofs such as a government ID, a photocopy of driver’s license or passport, etc. Upload the documents and click the submit tab. The exchange instantly creates a casino account after it verifies the user’s personal details and submitted documents.

Compared to the traditional casinos, Stellar casinos need extra verification and this acts as a great advantage of using Stellar casinos since it provides utmost security and at the same time, promises to maintain privacy and complete anonymity of the players. 

Step 3: Buy Stellar Lumens from Crypto Exchanges and Transfer Funds to Stellar Casino Account

Buying XLM from a cryptocurrency exchange is an effortless process and it is almost like transferring funds from one bank account to another.

After creating a casino account and to start gambling there, the players need to deposit funds into their casino account. To deposit funds, they need to buy XLM from a crypto exchange by using any of the payment methods offered by the exchange.

To buy XLM, go to one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, choose the list of supported cryptocurrencies of that platform and select Stellar. Enter the amount of XLM you wish to buy and the platform automatically calculates the amount of Stellar that you will get based on the current market value.

After this, the user needs to provide the personal Stellar wallet address and confirm the transaction. Upon confirmation, the fresh Stellar funds will be credited to the player within a few minutes for Stellar gambling.

This was the most challenging part but the following steps are much easier. Now that the Stellar wallet is filled with XLM coins, it has to go to the casino platform to start gambling. The user needs to copy the Stellar wallet address, paste it in the chosen casino and enter the amount of deposit.

Once the deposit amount is submitted, the funds go into the casino account and the player is ready to play! 

Step 4: Choose Any Provably Fair Stellar Games and Win!

Along with the misconception relating to the XLM purchase, there are misconceptions among several players in the online betting world that Stellar crypto sites do not offer the same gaming selection and gambling opportunities.

In reality, the best XLM casino platforms work with the leading gaming providers in the gambling industry. This implies that the favorite games that players play on the traditional online casinos are also available at the popular Stellar casinos since both of them are mostly working with the same gaming providers.

Note that several XLM sportsbooks and casinos usually present their list of gaming options and the games are provably fair, so the players can dig into the Stellar games such as dice, poker, slots, sports betting and more.

Nevertheless, betting and gambling must be played responsibly. For this reason, experts suggest spending more time on the research of the history or background of the Stellar casino to avoid mishaps in the near future and to claim the biggest win ever! 

Step 5: Withdraw your Winnings

The final step involves withdrawal of winnings. After managing to get a massive give from gambling, the player would want to enjoy them instantly. To withdraw the winnings, go to the cashier tab and choose Stellar (XLM) as the withdrawal method. Enter the Stellar paper wallets address on the tab that shows up. 

Note that players need to transfer the winnings to the Stellar web wallets first. Under no circumstance should the winnings be transferred directly to the exchange account. Transfer the winnings from the wallet to the exchange and then the player will be allowed to trade Stellar winnings with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. 

How to Withdraw Funds from Stellar Gambling Sites? 

In order to withdraw funds from Stellar gambling sites, user needs to follow the below points:-

Log in to Your Stellar Gambling Site Account

Remember that crypto coins are extremely volatile and users may sometimes lose their funds while gambling or if the market value of a particular crypto declines.

Nevertheless, there are two sides of a coin. The other possibility of getting higher winnings outweighs the losses.

To start withdrawing crypto winnings from a chosen casino account, log in the Stellar casino account and navigate to the overhead tab on the account page and choose Withdraw.

Choose XLM or Other Cryptocurrency as a Withdrawal Method

Once the withdrawal page opens, select Cryptocurrency as the withdrawal method. A list of various cryptocurrencies will be displayed on the screen, select Stellar Lumens or XLM if you want to receive the withdrawal in XLM, otherwise select any other crypto based on your preference. 

Type Amount You’d Like to Withdraw

The next page will ask the users to enter the quantity of winnings to be withdrawn in either XLM or other cryptocurrencies. 

Enter your Wallet Number

Enter the Stellar wallet address where the cash out or winnings will be transferred. 

Retrieve your Winnings Within 24 Hours or Even Faster

The whole process of retrieving the winnings is completed within a few minutes however, some casinos take about 24 hours to complete the withdrawal process. 

What Are the Uses of Stellar in Gambling?

One of the best uses of Stellar in Gambling is that players get to enjoy an amazing gambling experience in a particular licensed XLM casino under a reputable betting and gambling regulator.

In addition to that, a Stellar platform becomes top-notch if the site design is impressive. Many players usually do not pay attention to the small details of a casino, but it does make a huge difference.

Lastly, Stellar offers the fastest payment speeds and lower transaction costs that makes Stellar for gambling better than other cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. 

Future of Stellar Gambling

Evidently, Stellar Lumens has a bright future since, being a relatively new and lesser-known cryptocurrency, it has already become one of the leading 15 cryptocurrencies in the world today in terms of market capitalization.

Moreover, Stellar Lumens are not just a healthy crypto investment but they are considered to be one of the lightning fast-processing crypto coins in the market that makes them the most ideal solution for gambling, sports betting, playing real money casino games, poker tables and online tournaments. 

What Kind of Stellar Gambling Platforms Are There?

Provably Fair Gambling

Several Stellar casinos have understood the importance of provably fair gambling and that it can be useful while gambling. Provably fair gambling is available at all gambling websites that accept Stellar and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. 

Hybrids or XLM-Only Operators

These offer end-to-end Stellar gambling platforms that accept both Stellar and other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency to make deposits and withdrawals at a cryptocurrency casino. 

Tips for Gambling with Stellar

Check if Stellar Casino Site Has a Good Reputation With a Decent Amount of Players?

For the first-time gamblers, first things first, before creating a casino account and starting to gamble, it is important to carry out a background check.

Some casino sites have been around for quite some time now and they offer better security, and improved customer support system, thereby gaining massive reputation and positive feedback in the gambling market.

Hence, players must always check the sites that have been around for a significant amount of time and have a good reputation in this restricted, decentralized and regulated industry. The presence of such casinos provide reliable and sufficient proof of their trust and reputation for the players.

Additionally, reputed casinos are bound to have a greater number of players, reviews and guides. So, the players are also advised to how many professional gamblers have participated at a particular casino followed by their reviews. 

Games You Want to Play Are There

One of the most essential things that players must look for while gambling with Stellar is the gaming selection the casinos offer. After all this is why the gamblers join a casino site. The selection of games brings the most thrilling experience to the casino players.

The best Stellar casino will offer a solid selection of online casino games such as slot machines, video poker, table games, card games, live sports betting, live dealer games and many more. 

Moreover, these Stellar provably fair games are usually developed by the leading software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Real Time Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and others. 

So, the player should choose the Stellar innovative platform that promises to offer top-notch thrilling emotions and gaming experience to their players.

Don’t Store All of Your Winnings at Stellar Gambling Site — Set Up a Wallet 

 The main objective of having a Stellar wallet to store XLM coins. Note that it is never a good idea to keep funds at the casino, no matter how good the reviews are or how high the level of security is.

Online casinos are frequently targeted by fraudsters and hackers and nobody wants to lose out on their funds. So, remember to always transfer the winnings or funds back to the Stellar wallet unless the funds are going to be used for gambling.

Setting up a Stellar wallet may sound intimidating and confusing at first but the process is completely effortless. 

There are various Stellar wallet types that can be used to store Stellar and other crypto funds – including cold wallets, paper wallets and software wallets. The best kind of crypto wallet however, depends on the player’s requirements, so they need to carry out research on the types of wallet before deciding which one to use. 

Take Advantage of the Welcome Bonuses

There is one main difference between traditional casinos and Stellar online casinos and that is the welcome bonuses. Since there is very little competition online, the casinos have found a new way of attracting more new players to their casinos. They offer massive welcome bonuses to allure the players to register at the Stellar casino.

So, before deciding which Stellar casino to gamble at, check out their welcome bonus package which is usually bundled with other promotions and rewards including free spins, free reward points and free randomized price.

Live Customer Support 

To end with, the players must check the effectiveness of the casino’s customer support system. Gambling experience will remain incomplete if the customer service is not effective and efficient. Any standard Stellar casino will have a 24-hour live chat support for its players if something went wrong while gambling.


All in all, online Stellar gambling ensures a seamless gambling experience for all kinds of gamblers. The Stellar platform features one of the fastest transaction speeds with extremely low costs and presents a plethora of casino games to keep the gamblers engaged and entertained for long.

XLM gambling allows easy conversions of Stellar Lumens to USD while gambling the odds. However, while withdrawing the winnings, the players will require a Stellar wallet where they can deposit their XLM winnings safely since Stellar is a regulated and licensed cryptocurrency under the popular regulatory body.


Is Online Stellar Gambling Legal?

Stellar gambling is 100% legal in most countries internationally. Online gambling is safe and legal in the US, provided the players use a regulated, reputable, and licensed online sportsbook. Moreover, all XLM transfers are legally bypassed by the federal banking law of UIGEA. 

Where Can You Gamble With Stellars?

Being an open-source, decentralized protocol, Stellar can be gambled at any cryptocurrency casino with ease. 

How Long Do XLM Deposits Take?

The deposit process at XLM casinos may take about an hour to complete. However, this may vary based on the Stellar exchange used to deposit funds. 

How Long Do XLM Withdrawals Take?

Stellar Lumens usually takes about 3 to 4 hours to withdraw the funds but some exchanges take about 24 hours to complete the withdrawal process.

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