GamyFi’s Fantasy Sports is Now Available on Elrond Mainnet

The exciting news for the gaming enthusiasts unfolds as Elrond Network announces to integrate Fantasy sports games of GamyFi on its platform, including an impressive range of games like football, Rugby, Cricket, and more, via its Facebook account. The gaming industry is exploding with more players looking for exceptional gaming experience and rewards. Blockchain technology looks forward to bringing enriching features to the gaming interfaces by delivering transparency, ownership and generating more avenues to earn.  However, existing blockchain technology cannot offer the pace and cost benefits to the gaming platforms, which is the need of the hour.

These limitations are eliminated by Elrond’s blockchain infrastructure that aims to deliver higher throughput, the faster system at lower costs, states Elrond’s Blogspot. It further states that GamyFi will leverage Elrond’s blockchain technology that supports GamyFi to offer an enticing gaming experience. The games that exist on Fantasy Sports Games have to be supported by several processes in a shorter duration, and Elrond’s ecosystem will help achieve this.

GamyFi is a popular brand in the esports and gaming arena supported by its unique blockchain technology specially designed to deliver higher throughput, a faster interface at a low cost, so millions of players can enjoy the gaming experience without compromising on the quality. The gaming platform attracts the player by offering rewards for their expertise. Elrond is a blockchain platform that offers higher throughput and scalability to the users at affordable costs. Adaptive State Sharding system and secure Proof of Stake (POS) are two Elrond features that set it apart.

The blog also brought an interesting point to notice. It stated that this move would help Elrond place itself in the gaming market as a strong contender with incredible potential to support the gaming industry with blockchain technology. This will open up a new window of opportunity for Elrond in attracting long-term assignments in the dApps, edutainment, and gaming-related apps.

Reddit, a social news aggregator, mentioned the views of the business executives of both partners. Satya Prakash Jena, Head of Operations at GamyFi, expressed his admiration for Elrond’s continuous efforts to deliver a high-quality user experience throughout its platform. And GamyFi is looking forward to gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging this aspect of Elrond’s solutions. Hence, this move of deploying Fantasy sports on GamyFi plays a crucial role in the development of both partners.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO at Elrond, expressed this opinion and stated that this is a perfect opportunity for Elrond to extend the benefits of the higher throughput and faster interface, enabling scores of players spread across the world to have an incredible gaming experience, reveals Reddit. And joining hands with GamyFi to introduce these benefits to the gamers will help gain a better reputation in the gaming industry.

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