Haven Protocol Responds to Exit Scam Accusations

Haven Protocol has projected itself as a brand with a tagline saying “an offshore bank in your pocket.” The organization holds a market cap worth USD 2.4 million. The venture, which has only two listed developers, is still not known.

These two developers have now left the venture, and many investors and experts in the market are now looking at this venture with a doubt. They are thinking that the venture is conducting an exit scam.

However, after witnessing speculations of the people in the market, these developers have come forward and have given the control of the code to the rest of the team.

One of the Haven co-founders, who holds a Twitter account with a name Donjor, has posted on Twitter to clear up the doubts in the market and the false speculations around the venture and the accused exit scam.

He said that he himself and other team members are pressuring havendev (who is the co-founder and head developer) to provide them access to the offshore code along with more clarity on the governance fee. However, he said that Havendev is not replying to the team.

After the news.cutter came out claiming that he was quitting, as he was forced to share the code and letting go the control of the governance fee to Donjor and others.

However, Donjor said that he had not received the access. In the Discord chat, Havendev has mentioned that Haven development is in process. Considering the huge amount of FUD, Donjor wants to keep the code safe, and he will build it and give it to the team of the venture.

So, the market can guess that the project is going to be active and that the pressure from the crypto community helped to boost the process. The crypto community is relieved that the venture is not a scam.

The first signal indicating that something wrong is going to happen occurred when one Twitter user warned that the charts of the coin were looking like they were going to hit zero.  And, after a few minutes, one team member of the venture with a name ‘news.cutter’ said that he would be honest and the project is dead unless developers take it over.

Roxanne Williams

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