Here Comes ‘Atlantis’ The New Hard Fork By The ETC Community

Atlantis hard fork is jet streaming towards the upgradation of the Classic Geth Client. The ETC Labs are doing so in collaboration with key members that includes ECC, Parity, IOHK, and last but certainly not the least-the ETC community.

The latest take on the Atlantis hard fork project is that it has stepped into the test phase. The ETC Labs is on a lookout to fix any loopholes in the functions one of the hard fork during this test phase. The test phase has the hard fork’s original code mixed with the new one, so there might be some fine-tuning to be done, should there be any need of it. The ETC Labs announced about the launch of the Atlantis hard fork yesterday on the social platform- Medium.

What is the next step after the test phase?

As per the Medium blog, the ETC Labs is planning to implement the Atlantis after the successful completion of the testing phase. Here is an excerpt from the blog, regarding the implementation of the Atlantis-

[…] We intend to fulfill two key priorities: (1) develop high-quality blockchain software that preserves the security of the network and (2) consider the opinions and concerns of the community.

When can we see the Atlantis implemented?

Further, in the blog, the ETC Labs elaborated that we can expect the Atlantis tentatively around 17th of September this year. We can see it in the forthcoming “ECIP finalization call.” It was also explained that this will take place only after the adjusting of the height of the block of Atlantis to #8,772,000.

Special applauds for the ETC Core Dev Team:

The ETC Labs Core is an Ethereum Classic core developer team. On the Medium blog, the ETC Lab made a special mention of the ETC Core developer team for its contributions and smart planning in the blog. Further, it has been mentioned that by far, all the tests are running smoothly and all the minor or major issues that arose have been resolved. In addition to the hard work, and the ‘attention to the detailed attitude’ by the ETC community for the support towards the Atlantis hard fork, the ETC Labs also gave credit to the stakeholders’ participation and keen involvement in the discussions made for the ‘details, scope, and timing of the hard fork.’

The joint support of the ETC Labs Core developer team, ETC community, and stakeholders:

By far we can see some really cool changes to the Multi-Geth. The developer team of the ETC core has been working on it. Yesterday, the ETC Lab took their announcement to the Medium. On the social platform, the ETC Lab went on to give credit to the long-standing efforts of the ETC Labs Core developer team. It further mentioned how the team is constantly striving for excellent quality development of the ‘public blockchain. As per reports, the code that the team has recently submitted has received many acclaimed praises.

Earlier this month, on 7th, The company discussed with the core developers, exchanges, mining pools, and other key stakeholders, who were from North America, Asia, and Europe. During this call, a few things were discussed in detail, and the discussion resulted in a timetable schedule for ECIP1054. It was as follows-

1. ETC Kotti test net will be activated at block height#716,617.

2. ETC Morden test net will be activated at block height #4,729,274.

3. ETC main net will officially implement the hard fork at block height #8,500,000.

Seeing the on-time progress, we can hope for the successful completion of the project. With the contributions from the ETC community, ETC Core dev team, stakeholders and other teams, the combined effort will result in a good platform to be enjoyed by all. September 17th is soon approaching, let us see what it holds for all of us.

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