Hop Protocol to soon debut on zkSync 2.0

Matter Labs has published an official blog post to inform the community that the plan to bring Hop Protocol live on zkSync 2.0 is in the pipeline. A tentative timeline is awaited; however, the objective will be to strengthen further the dream of increasing personal freedom by making Ethereum scalable and accessible to a larger number of users.

Barriers present within the ecosystem, or those in the outer environment, hinder users’ participation in making digital assets more effectively. With the protocol set to go live on a new system, Matter Labs says that it will surely remove those barriers to give users more freedom in managing their experience and digital assets without compromising on important aspects like security and accessibility.

The proposal to make the debut a reality has been passed with a majority of 7.9 million votes in favor of the decision. Once deployed on zkSync2.0, Hop Protocol will enable users to send tokens across rollups quickly in a trustless manner.

Alex Gluchowski, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Matter Labs, has stated the long-term mission: to make self-sovereign participation in the digital economy affordable for everyone across the globe.

Marco Cora, the Head of Business Development for Matter Labs, has also pitched in, saying that the rollup to rollup bridging will bring seamless interoperability without taking away the benefits of security and scalability of EVM-compatible zkSync 2.0.

Matter Labs is working with Hop Protocol as both share a mission of creating interoperability across the Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. The venture has shared its excitement with the collaboration, stating that it will open the doors to speed, security, and scalability for the platform, including end-users.

Hop is a rollup-to-rollup token bridge that is scalable. Rollups normally have a challenging period posing the problem where users have to wait longer to see the transaction conclude. With Hop Protocol, this gets eliminated by letting users send tokens across different mechanisms almost instantly.

The deployment of Hop Protocol on zkSync 2.0 has received a warm welcome from the community. However, this is also evident from the fact that many have passed the proposal. The request has existed for a long time; however, it was technically difficult to make it happen until Matter Labs entered the picture.

Chris Whinfrey, a Co-Founder of Hop Protocol, said that the protocol represented a massive step to promote the scalability of Ethereum’s infrastructure. Chris concluded that the partners could not wait to onboard users to the new project.

What brings zkSync and Hop communities together is that they are strongly connected with a common mission to work towards Ethereum scaling. It is also a perfect cultural fit in the current times.

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