Huawei Reviewing Ties with FedEx After Diverted Packages Claim

One of the big casualties of the trade war between the United States and China has been the Chinese tech giant Huawei. The company has not only been banned from supplying telecom equipment to US companies, but last week it was blacklisted as well, and before long, no American company will be allowed to do business with it. However, in a new development, something far more sinister has emerged, and it relates to the relationship between Huawei and US package delivery giant FedEx. The Chinese company has now claimed that two of its deliveries, containing important documents and headed for Asia, were actually diverted and delivered to the United States. Considering the fact that it is now at loggerheads with the US government, it is, without a doubt, an alarming development and Huawei has now stated that it is now going to review its relationship with the American company.

Sources within Huawei told a leading news agency that two packages that were to be delivered from Japan to China had instead been diverted and delivered to the US. In addition to that, two additional packages that an attempt had also been made to reroute two packages that were supposed to be delivered from the company’s offices in Vietnam to a location in Asia. Needless to say, it is an alarming development for Huawei. A spokesperson for Huawei, named Joe Kelly, stated,

The recent experiences where important commercial documents sent via FedEx were not delivered to their destination, and instead were either diverted to or were requested to be diverted to, FedEx in the United States, undermines our confidence.

Although Huawei has not directly blamed the US government with meddling in its business by diverting these packages, the current equation between the authorities in the US and the company could raise suspicions. However, a spokesperson for FedEx insisted that the whole thing had been done in error and that no one had asked the company to reroute Huawei’s packages. The spokesperson stated,

This is an isolated issue limited to a very small number of packages. We are aware of all shipments at issue and are working directly with our customers to return the packages to their possession.

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