Maiar Launches on Huawei’s AppGallery

Maiar, the renowned blockchain app, recently went live on Huawei’s AppGallery. It allows Huawei smartphone owners to use the app without any hassle. Since Huawei AppGallery is one of the top three app marketplaces worldwide, Maiar is expected to incur huge returns from the integration.

Maiar aims to change the perception of value and how the world interacts with it. To achieve the goal, Maiar offers an app with a user-friendly interface, elegant design, and seamless functions. Through the app, users can quickly acquire a functional blockchain wallet to partake in the global blockchain circuit.

With a simple approach, Maiar is helping non-technical users to get into the blockchain domain. The app’s appeal is given as it allows users to store, pay, and earn using cryptocurrencies easily. The process to execute it is simple too. Users merely need to install the app and fill in the necessary details.

However, some countries do not permit the app, making it impossible for the residents to use it. Nonetheless, users who can avail of the app can quickly enter the blockchain sector without any hassle. Now, the app has announced joining one of the top three app marketplaces worldwide. Maiar is going live on Huawei’s AppGallery, opening global prospects for the app.

Beniamin Mincu (CEO of Elrond Network) stated that decentralization focuses on creating new ways and challenging the current settings with technological advancement. Launching Maiar on Huawei AppGallery exposes the app to new prospects. The move is pivotal to complete Maiar’s mission to offer access to a low latency and high bandwidth worldwide financial system for every global user.

Huawei is a prominent player in multiple industries like consumer electronic producers and telecommunication. The company holds a major portion of the global smartphone market, acquired by AppGallery, Huawei’s dedicated app marketplace.

The collaboration allows Maiar to use the existing audience of AppGallery, and reach new heights. Siri Børsum (Global Vice President of Financial Vertical, Eco Development, and Partnerships at the Huawei Consumer Business Group) shared his opinion on the development as well.

As per Siri, blockchain tech will be a major player in the modern consumer internet, which must be secure, personal, and mobile. Maiar debuting on AppGallery will help Huawei users equip a tool, managing their financial proceedings.

Both Elrond and Maiar appear to be delighted with the collaboration. With the launch, Elrond can now access a global stage where users can be easily swayed to enter the blockchain industry. It will open the world to almost-instant, affordable, and esteemed DeFi prospects.


Maiar, the well-known blockchain app, is now joining Huawei AppGallery. Being one of the top three app marketplaces, AppGallery houses a global audience. Both projects are delighted by the collaboration and expect to reap long-term benefits from it. Executives from both ventures also expressed their opinions and expectations from the development.

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