Michael Saylor sheds light on how Bitcoin will shape our future

Michael Saylor elaborates on the importance of Bitcoin for the well-being of individuals, families, banks, nonprofit organizations, investment companies, and governments. He eloquently explained how the mightiest Bitcoin will shape our future in 2024 and beyond. 

“Bitcoin is for everyone,” says the veteran entrepreneur, the author of the book ‘The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything.’ He delivered a terrific speech on how Bitcoin can impact business organizations and governments. Michael Saylor stressed the importance of converting work into desirable, maintainable, and portable assets.

His statement, “Bitcoin is the best asset. There is no second best,” got a lot of applause from the audience. Michael Saylor pointed out that the biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that it is digital, and Bitcoin can be described as capital, property, wealth, and money simultaneously. He firmly believes that Bitcoin will have many participants in the future, and education companies, convenience companies, and insurance companies are of great importance to the Bitcoin community.

Michael Saylor is hopeful that Google, Apple, and Microsoft will integrate Bitcoin in the very near future. Bitcoin will become a vital part of multinational tech tycoons’ web services and cloud services. Michael Saylor is a huge believer in the importance of a company’s credibility in the Bitcoin arena. 

“Many senior-level company executives today own Bitcoin. You could be your own bank with the promise of Bitcoin. Bitcoins offer great benefits to banks, just like corporations and individual families. Nonprofit companies in the education, expansion, empowerment, and engagement sectors, too, have a big role in the Bitcoin industry. Governments will eventually engage in bitcoin mining in the near future, and they will support Bitcoins”, says the American entrepreneur who has always been a newsmaker.

Michael Saylor was delivering a speech in Madeira upon the invitation of the Government of Madeira. He highlighted that everybody could contribute to Bitcoin and benefit from it. Michael Saylor is a proponent of the belief that Bitcoin empowers each and everyone of us. According to him, Bitcoin offers a foundation to support the family in the form of protecting the family, relocating anywhere, changing careers, creating a legacy, and accumulating wealth.

“Investment companies need Bitcoin to attract capital. It lays the foundation for building faster, stronger, and smarter financial services. Companies can’t attract capital without Bitcoin in the future. Bitcoin is beneficial to operating companies since it increases corporate lifespan along with protecting employees and customers”, said Michael Saylor. He focused on Bitcoin’s role in harnessing capital, improving products, growing revenues, beating inflation, and creating value. Michael Saylor points out that the prominence of Bitcoin will lead to digital monopoly. Bitcoin is a lifeline for operating companies and Michael Saylor’s speech underlines that point. In Michael Saylor’s words, “extended lifespan is the amazing feature of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the best solution for nonprofits, and it empowers governments to survive in the twenty-first century”.

Trevor Holman

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