Peertec, hiblocks Join Blockchain Platform of Kakao GroundX

In an important development, the Klaytn blockchain platform has got Peertec and hiblocks on board to spread the adoption of peer-to-peer protocol among a variety of customer segments. Just so you know, Klaytn platform, operated by the GroundX, is a part of the Kakao group, which is a market leader in the telecom sector of Korea.

Finer Details

hiblocks is built on the blockchain platform, and it provides services related to the collection and sharing of social media content. Users can link their social media accounts to hiblocks, and then they can easily use content sharing services offered by the hiblocks. From the category of rental real estate, Home Button has joined the Klaytn blockchain platform. It is an organization that provides rental management services to users in an automated manner. This decreases not only the overall cost associated with property management but also reduces the intricacies involved in the process of managing properties.

Another important name that is participating in the blockchain revolution heralded by Klaytn is Peertec. Just so you know, Peertec is operating in the financial technology domain, managing the cryptocurrency exchange platform GDAC. It also offers a range of other financial services, which include the likes of payment module and exchange services. Its patented payment-module service is hailed as a game-changer as it allows the currency exchange to happen on a real-time basis.

Hanbitco exchange has also joined the Klaytn platform. This is significant because the association with the exchange is going to be instrumental in helping the adoption of Klaytn tokens (KCT). Hanbitco exchange is a very famous exchange in Korea and the level of security it offers can be easily considered top-notch.


This coming together of a large number of players from different segments of industries can be considered as a positive indicator for the adoption of blockchain technology among masses. The association will benefit a large number of stakeholders and help the blockchain discipline to evolve further. Especially in the context of real-world applications, the process of joining forces is expected to yield good results as customers will be able to realize the utility of open ledger in a practical context.

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