Pinknode Now a Part of Polkadot-Centric Unifarm Campaign

Pinknode made the exciting announcement of launching the initiative of group yield farming by taking part in UniFarm of OpenDeFi. As one of the participants of Cohort 16, along with Polkafoundry, PolkaBridge, and Kylin Network will offer the yield farmers the opportunity of accumulating Polkadot tokens. UniFarm, the staking pool of OpenDeFi, permits users to put assets at stake for yield farming. The size of the token profit increases the amount of time that the users invest in farming.

UniFarm comprises a system known for its built-in compounding gamified infrastructure that permits the farmers to obtain more rewards through yield farming. The platform also allows the yield farmers to unstake at any given time by resetting the staking clock to its default zero value.

The platform of Pinknode is ready to offer the generous reward of five tokens to the farmers who participate in the entire course of yield farming. The course begins with the staking of the $PNODE asset in the initial week from which the farmers acquire $PNODE tokens. The farmers can continue to conduct staking of assets in the second week of the course to rake in both $KYL and $PNODE tokens. In the third week, the farmers can earn tokens of $PKF, $KYL, and $PNODE through meticulous yield farming at Pinknode. If the yield farmers make it to the third week of the course, they succeed in reaping great rewards, but if they unstake their assets, they will have to begin again from square 1 by staking to earn tokens of $PNODE.

The UniFarm pool of Cohort 16 is all set to commence on July 8, 2021, and continue for ninety days straight. The reward pool of the native tokens of each project is set at $25,000, and the total pool of rewards is worth $125,000.

Trevor Holman

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