Monero (XMR) Price Analysis: Monero To Set A New Milestone Soon With Continuing Price Surge

  • Monero’s partnership with Fortnite is finally yielding results through increasing XMR prices
  • Monero (XMR) is growing at a faster since the past 2 weeks

Monero was invented in April 2014 as a private cryptocurrency for anonymous transactions giving complete authority to the users on their funds and assets. Monero has been growing consistently and partnered with Fortnite, one of the largest online games with millions of members in the community, to promote mass adoption of the XMR coin. This move has contributed immensely to the growth of Monero, which has maintained positive market data constantly.

Current Statistics:

Monero Price Chart

  • According to the top 100 cryptocurrencies list, Monero is ranked at the 12th position
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 3,561.08%
  • The circulating supply is noted at 16,993,242 XMR, and the total supply is same as well
  • As on May 21, 2019, at 10:49:00 UTC, the market cap of the coin is 1,538,379,147 USD
  • The price of the coin has reached 90.53 USD & 0.01152799 BTC
  • The 24 h volume is now 82,178,747 USD


There has been an upward trend of over 29% in the last one month with the price ranging between 96.76 USD and 59.78 USD. As on April 23, 2019, at 17:34:00 UTC, the market cap of XMR token was noted at 1,187,758,327 USD. The 24 h volume was 158,267,730 USD, and the price was trading at 70.14 USD and 0.01261907 BTC. The lowest price was noted at 77.61 USD in the last 7 days.

Monero Price Prediction until 2020:

The XMR price peaked to an all-time high value of $495.84 in January 2018. In the year 2019, the coin has shown a consistent growth curve with the prices since the beginning, and it has the potential to cross its all-time high value by the end of the year. Although the governments across the world are now tightening security in crypto transactions, which can hamper the growth of private currencies like Monero, the market sentiment continues to be positive in favor of the currency platform. This can lead to a price surge of over 500 USD by the end of 2019, setting a new benchmark for 2020 by which the price can reach up to 700 USD.


Investing in Monero (XMR) is a good option now as the currency will give better dividends in the next 2 years. Therefore, do read about Our XMR Price Prediction for further news updates and price fluctuation details in near future.

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