Supra announces integrating dVRF on Arbiturm Nova

Supra has announced the integration of dVRF into Arbitrum Nova. Decentralized Verifiable Random Function (dVRF) services on a new platform define new possibilities for blockchain enthusiasts and developers. Also, the integration makes Supra the first provider on the Nova platform.

dVRF integration is crucial for development as it ensures secure, fast, and convenient random number generation during integration. It has wide utility across every type of industry, including, but not limited to, on-chain lotteries and gaming. It is backed by advanced algorithms, ensuring the mechanism is unpredictable and unbiased.

Supra has chosen to work with Arbitrium Nova because it enables instant confirmation and facilitates transactions at a fraction of a cent. Meaning it has high speed and costs less to the community. As a result, they are able to complete the transactions more quickly while cutting costs.

The offering is highly effective in the gaming segment, where players seek better performance from a network in terms of the transaction volumes it can handle and the cost at which it handles those transactions.

Arbiturm Nova is also leading the charge in accelerating the adoption of digital ownership in mainstream sectors like social NFT projects, gaming, and primarily art. Developers will have the advantage of the development in the initial phase. They will be able to enhance and deploy their dApps—decentralized applications—effectively.

Developed by Offchain Labs, the leading Ethereum L2 scaling solution simultaneously maintains minimal trust assumptions.

Moving forward, Supra has expressed its intention to continue expanding its footprint across the blockchain ecosystem. Last year, in September, Arbswap introduced Nova Accelerator with the objective of assisting the native ecosystem. Nova Accelerator fuels the growth of the Arbitrum Nova ecosystem through investments and increased interest in product creation.

Arbswap has expressed its desire to work as a consultant and back the development with $10 million.

Supra has announced that it will host a $SUPRA airdrop soon. Supra has not shared a tentative date or timeline for the public sale of the token. However, one can register for the airdrop and stand a chance to collect 25 stars plus 450 $SUPRA tokens. These are subject to terms and conditions; participants may see the rewards being credited almost instantly.

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to register for the airdrop event. Also, the functions of Supra must be operational in their geographical region.


Supra has expressed its excitement over the integration of dVRF into Arbitrium Nova. A direct effect will be on blockchain enthusiasts and developers, with the certainty of the mechanism being unpredictable and unbiased. It should be noted that these are the claims made by Supra, and the performance will be up for practical verification when the community begins utilizing it.

Integration will largely be felt across a broader set of industries, including on-chain lotteries and gaming, among others.

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