Profit From DeFi and Metaverse Tokens With PrimeXBT Leveraged Trading

The DeFi sector has struggled over the last year for various reasons, and the once magma-hot Metaverse trend has cooled off considerably.

These disruptive emerging assets aren’t dead, markets are simply cyclical, and interest in these futuristic technologies will return again in a significant way.

But there is no telling when the ongoing crypto winter will end and a new bullish trend will begin. This makes profiting from these coins much more challenging — unless you have access to PrimeXBT. 

Metaverse Loses Momentum, But Here’s Why It Isn’t Going Anywhere

To further demonstrate the staying power these cryptocurrency-based technologies possess, you need to look no further than Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta. Mark Zuckerberg, a pioneer in social media and tech visionary, is going all in on the Metaverse and VR with integration centered around Oculus.

This makes Metaverse coins like Decentraland and The Sandbox ultra-appealing to tech-savvy investors with a forward-looking focus. Both Metaverse platforms have tremendous support from notable names like Snoop Dog, Gucci, JP Morgan, Adidas, and others.

DeFi Falls Into Downtrend, But Billionaires And $100B In TVL Says It Won’t Last

DeFi might not have the centralized support from enormous brands like the Metaverse does, but that’s because the decentralized finance sector doesn’t need any intermediaries – which is the whole point behind the technology. Crypto holders can use their tokens to access permissionless lending and borrowing with no credit checks, no approval process, or interaction with a human on the other side.

The decentralized finance industry once had more than $100 billion in total value locked in DeFi applications. During its prime, billionaire tech entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban regularly experimented with these platforms to generate a yield. The Shark Tank star, Dallas Mavericks owner, and more believe in the future of disruptive tech – why wouldn’t you?

How Is It Possible To Stay Safe With Such Volatile Speculative Assets?

The problem remains that these are still speculative assets. Although they show serious promise and, in the long term, will more than likely be fruitful for investors able to weather the storm, for the time being, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. 

Newer crypto assets like Metaverse coins and DeFi tokens have been around a lot less time than Bitcoin or Ethereum and therefore have less overall liquidity and market capitalization. It is for this very reason that these assets can climb by thousands of percent in ROI, then later fall by more than 90%. This two steps forward, one step back approach is how price discovery works. 

Stay Exposed To Trending Tokens While Focusing On Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Stablecoins

Rather than take a beating during the downtrends, hold safer coins like BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC, and use the crypto assets as collateral to trade top Metaverse and DeFi tokens with leverage. Instead of holding these ultra risky and speculative assets directly, you can stay focused on proven coins yet still have exposure to the incredible ROI possible with Metaverse and DeFi tokens.

PrimeXBT provides long and short positions on cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities, metals, and forex currencies. On the list of cryptocurrencies, there is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a massive list of altcoins that includes several coins representing Metaverse platforms and even more with a tie-in to DeFi protocols.

PrimeXBT’s Growing List Of Metaverse And DeFi Tokens To Trade With Leverage

PrimeXBT’s Metaverse and DeFi tokens include Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), Algorand (ALGO), Cosmos (ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Polygon (MATIC), and others. These tokens can be traded using long and short positions with leverage.

The flexibility lets traders profit when the market is climbing, falling, or even trading sideways. As mentioned, it also makes it, so investors don’t need to hold these assets directly yet can still have the desired exposure. If you do hold these assets, you can go short at resistance to hedge spot positions and protect capital during drawdowns.


PrimeXBT has all the tools necessary to stay profitable regardless of market conditions. This is especially helpful for speculative markets like Metaverse and DeFi, with so much promise and potential that they simply cannot be missed. 

Registration is free at PrimeXBT, and there is no minimum deposit for margin trading accounts. The platform also offers a complete copy trading module, an educational website, weekly trading competitions, and a free, award-winning mobile application. Check out PrimeXBT crypto trading today.

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