Ubex Project has Signed Cooperation Agreement With YAN, SSPs From Various Parts of the World

It is the next big step that will take Ubex Project to a stronger international presence

The Ubex project, as we already know, is backed with decentralized distributed registry system technologies that offer great qualities such as- unlimited data access and processing possibilities, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. With such a fantastic foundation ready, the project has launched itself into a new zone of growth.

Here is the next big step from Ubex towards its mission of building an international advertising ecosystem that offers high standards of trusts. The project has recently entered into a cooperation agreement with the Russian advertising service platform- Yandex Advertising Network (YAN), which is one of the biggest search engines besides Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It serves across a range of platforms such as websites, mobile apps, Smart TV apps, and videos.

The Ubex project has also entered into cooperation contracts with other SSP traffic providers as well. (SSP stands for- ‘Supply Side Platform.’) The detail on these SSPs has not been revealed due to legal reasons. The only thing that can be said about these SSPs is that they are from different parts of the world. The SSPs are from a range of places from around the world that covers Asian, African, American, and European markets. This will give Ubex Project a good scope to have its reach across the world.

The scope of the scale and reach of these SSPs can also be estimated based on the recent developments that took place in the project, and also through the recent cooperation that the Ubex Project has formed with many companies till date. This can be a good indicator that the new SSPs with which Ubex Project has formed cooperation, will also be from the top tier and have a stronghold on the international market and the audiences. Since the role of SSPs is to support web publishers and the digital ‘out of home’ media owners to keep a track and manage their online ad space in terms of number of ads, how much revenue is generated, which ad will appear where, in much money an ad space should be sold, and so on; we can well estimate the kind of growth Ubex Project will get after getting the support from SSPs from around the world.

The cooperation agreement with the Russian advertising service platform- Yandex Advertising Network, and the good number of SSPs from across the world, will reap great success for Ubex Project and will bring in more and more traffic channels. With such big names teaming up, this growth should ultimately give the customers an enhanced quality of traffic.

On the other hand, the data miners who have been offering user data to the project got their first payout recently. This user data was used in the ‘neural network’ of Ubex Project.  The purpose of this was to harness greater advertisement targeting ability and precision. Details on the next payout will also be announced very soon.

Mehak Punjabi

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