Users of Binance DEX can now trade via Google Chrome Extension

Yesterday, Binance DEX made an announcement on Twitter about the latest change that entails that from now onwards the users can trade on Binance DEX via Google Chrome extension. It seems like some major work is being done on the customers’ trading comfort. The crypto exchange also congratulated Equal token in the tweet as it is the first one to integrate ‘WalletConnect’ into their Google Chrome extension web crypto wallet.

The Feature-rich Equal Wallet-

On Equal wallets, the users can enjoy several ETH assets based services. Equal Wallet is working with both Ethereum and Binance Chain Blockchain. In a way, it is packed with such features. The user can easily send or receive Ether or any other crypto token on this platform. The only condition in receiving such tokens is that the crypt token should be in sync with ERC20 and Bep2. Further, the user also gets access to the EQL dApp Store, Web3 injection, and to the WEB3 API support system. The Equal Wallet is specially designed while keeping the user’s need for an efficient and user-friendly interface. The crypto wallet is so efficient that the calculation of EQL burn-charges is calculated automatically.

In addition to the above features, the sending of the tokens on this platform doesn’t require any third party. The user can send any crypto token, which is compatible with ERC20 and Bep2, directly. It is like your personal assistant when it comes to keeping a watch on how many tokens are there in your wallet. There is no need on the user’s behalf to manually add ERC20 and Bep2 compatible tokens to the wallet, the crypto wallet does it on its own.

Further, wherever you are trading, the wallet shows the details of the balance in the local currency of that area. Also, there is another very interesting feature of this wallet. The user can smoothly send cryptos, as the wallet by default checks the right gas rates. This helps in staying away from any transaction errors. In situations when there is high congestion, the wallet shows gas rates warnings too for the user’s convenience.

EQUAL Vision-

The vision of EQUAL is to revamp the blockchain and its main focus is on the wallet industry.

  • The company wants to offer user-friendly, easy to use and simplified versions of crypto trading through easy to use wallets to the regular trader and investor.
  • The company has chosen DEXs and dApps as its chosen platform to offer their decentralized projects.
  • Equal wants to use Web3 injection to communicate with the decentralized web.

Overall the company simply wants to simplify the wallet market. There are plans that the EQL Wallet will offer a feature-rich portfolio to the user which will have Web3 injection. This will allow direct communication with ‘dApps, DEXs and investing in ICOs.’ The objective is to optimize the instruments that enable any crypto aspirant user to get a good grip in the market to grow further. This optimization should help in promoting the crypto adoption to the next level, according to the company. The user-friendly interface of the crypto wallet should help in dissolving the complexities that surround the concept of technology and embracing it fully.

The much-needed exposure-

According to EQUAL article series, point out the need for a ‘killer app’ that can act as a platform for the crypto market tools to onboard users to dApps. As per the article-

“dApps and DEXs can resonate with this statement as most critics believe the decentralized web has not exploded due to the lack of the ‘killer app.’ […]DAPP and DEX developers will now have an avenue to showcase their products and onboard users from wallets. This aims to alleviate the investment dominance problem and provides the transition from investment to the utility on the Ethereum Network.”

The company claims that the EQL wallet will be that needed platform that will dissolve all the complexities around the blockchain investment, and utilize the decentralized web in a way that has not been done before.

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