Web Browser Opera Introduces New Desktop dApp Browser with Cryptocurrency Wallet Feature

Opera, the web browser has officially launched a new version of its browser which is integrated with Ethereum wallet.

Opera, the popular and the largest web browsers, released a new desktop edition of its browser that is built-in with the crypto wallet. The new opera browser is called “Reborn 3”. Currently, the operating systems that can use Reborn 3 are Mac, Linux and Windows respectively. The Reborn 3 also known as unique browser opera 60, which consists of an essential cryptocurrency wallet named as Opera Wallet. Crypto wallet is the place where you can store your cryptocurrency and there are many best cryptocurrency wallet, to find more information about it, you can check out our post. Even an explorer Web 3, which will enable the users to exchange transactions and network with Web 3, a blockchain powered internet states that the Desktop Dapp browser allows users to communicate with the internet that is based on the blockchain.

A VPN (virtual private network) tool is offered to expand the sanctuary and confidentiality of the users.

The development news of the new browser was revealed by Opera on Tuesday. The software enables users to carry the search operation with decentralized applications i.e Dapps of Web 3. The Ethereum wallet lets the users send transactions without an extension like that of Metamask, Opera firm mentioned.

The VPN feature will be added to the browser to improve the privacy and security of the user around the world in which most of the companies seek to gain a large amount of information via users.

In order to improve security, the built-in wallet feature of Reborn 3 will synchronize with the mobile-based android browser of Opera, the mobile Android browser was introduced in December, last year- the Company stated.

Opera said,

“This means wallet keys never leave the user’s smartphones.”

At the time of the press release, the information was shared with a source wherein the Opera stated:

“In practice, whenever they need to identify themselves to a Web 3 website or sign a transaction on the blockchain, users get a notification on their smartphone,” adding, “They can confirm it in the same way they unlock their system, using, for example, facial recognition of their fingerprint.”

Due to the browsers which did not safeguard the private data of the user, too much of data from the users were collected by the companies over the internet. Now the integrated VPN services will protect the customers from third parties that ask for geographical location and other personal data.

Opera Touch which is the built-in crypto wallet feature will be included to its iOS browser, and they are planning to do it as soon as possible.

Another web browser Brave, powered by blockchain is even providing similar kind of services to users. Brave browser, enables users to have good control of its information. Simultaneously, it functions with the BAT (Basic Attention Token), which is the leading digital asset of the market.

Last year, Opera revealed that protection against the cryptojacking hackers will be released. Hackers had targeted many users to access the CPU power of the user in order to mine digital currencies without their permission.

Opera, an Oslo-Norway based firm had for the first time announced in July about the design of its Web 3 Android browser. The browser, at the movement, backs ether and other tokens by using ERC-20 standard of Ethereum. CryptoKitties are also backed under the ERC-721 standard.

Recently this year, Opera permitted Android users to trade Ethereum from its browser-based wallet, directly in association with Safello an organized crypto brokerage.

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