A Brief Introduction to Neblio Token (NEBL)

What is Neblio?

Neblio is an open source and decentralized blockchain platform, aiming to create a mature infrastructure to facilitate business to the business exchange of transactional information. The Neblio block change developer platform is similar in many ways to Ethrum, Stratis, NEO, and Qtum, and is focus on simple to use APIs, tools, and services.

When was it founded and by whom?

Eddy Smith and Ann Jackson founded Neblio; the ICO was launched in August 2017.  SManagermith is currently the Lead Developer at Neblio, while Jackson is serving as the Business Operations Manager. Apart from the two founders, Neblio’s team includes two developers named Riley Stockton (API Expert), and Samer Afach. Marketing expert Yuval Amar also backs Neblio.

Initial Coin Offering

Neblio creators wanted the token to become a leader in enterprise block chain space. With this intention, 125 million coins were offered as ICO, for raising $25 million. However, just over 10% or 13 million coins of the total offering were sold, and Neblio could only raise just over $2.1 million. Rest of the coin were burned.

How does it function?

Neblio uses its NEBL token on a blockchain network for optimum security, based on the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. The tokens play an important role in the functioning of Neblio blockchain, allowing users to exchange with other Neblio users.

Neblio takes 24 hours to get your tokens matured from the time of purchase, with their weight increasing up to a week when it maxes out until you successfully stake. This blockchain platform encourages the users who stake their coins and secure the network, rather than trading or holding them on an exchange. This gives a boost and a bit of stability to small stakeholders.

The Neblio APIs are designed for simplicity to facilitate in developing dApps for developers familiar with traditional RESTful APIs. The suite offers support for traditional programming languages such as Python, Java, js, Net, PHP, Go, etc.

Benefits of the Neblio platform

Neblio is a next-generation blockchain technology and has significantly improved on the traditional ones. The two main benefits of Neblio blockchain technology are:

  1. Security : Neblio technology is based on the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm which allows users to participate in a secure framework of blockchain technology network. This helps large businesses like manufacturing units and others to store huge amount of records of various kinds, with security.
  2. Immutability : data information created by distributed applications are stored in an immutable ledger on the Neblio blockchain, this ledger can be used for auditing, managing records and verifying lifecycle of the concerned application. This helps businesses in regulatory compliance and audit trails, through unaltered and accurate information.
Current Developments

The NEBL token has shown positive signs in the recent past and has been growing steadily. In the past week itself, the token price soared by 13.6%. As of date, Neblio has a market cap of over $15.22 million, and about 14.8 million coins are in circulation. The current price of the NEBL token is $1.8 apiece, with 24-hour trading volume of $187,211.

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