A New Crypto-exchange is in the Market and Has Listed Bitcoin SV

A new cryptocurrency exchange is introduced in the market, and at its entry itself, the exchange has managed to list a known cryptocurrency. The crypto exchange has announced that it has listed Bitcoin SV. The name of the cryptocurrency exchange is Cryptofacil. It is already serving the Latin American and the Caribbean market and is looked at as a reliable, fast and secure network. The customers feel secured to trade on its platform, and these customers are now having four BSV pairs on offer.

When one media website asked the cryptocurrency exchange about its decision of listing Bitcoin SV as one of the first few cryptocurrencies on its platform, it stated:

“BSV is a top 15 token as far as market cap and has a large community that supports its vision and technology.”

This statement clears the reason behind the decision and the importance of having such currency in the listing. Community adoption of Bitcoin SV has a significant role to play here too.

The exchange has already joined hands with Bittrex, (a digital asset trading network), and this partnership has influenced the recent decision too. The company said,

“We are a Bittrex partner and work very closely with their Digital Assets team.  We saw the trading volumes of the different BSV pairs and wanted to allow our users also to be able to trade them.”

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There is one more element which has a role to play in adding BSV to Cryptofacil. That factor is the low transaction cost attached to this crypto coin which is an attractive factor for a new crypto exchange that is Cryptofacil. The company said that it operates in markets like Latin America where microtransaction are done on an everyday basis, and most of the population of this region are not connected to banking structures. Plus the company believes that in the coming future, society would demand digital tokens.

Cryptofacil stated that BSV would be paired with Bitcoin Core, USD, Tether and Ethereum. TO make this launch an attractive affair for its existing customers and to attract new customers, the exchange has also introduced an offer which will be active until April 30, 2019.

Plus, one must pay attention to the fact that though many altcoins are present in the market and this new exchange decided to list BSV. Such ventures are helping in increasing the adoption rate of BSV and giving people to utilize all the facilities of BSV on a daily basis.


Bitcoin Satoshi Vision also stated that BSV is today the only Bitcoin project which has adopted the original Satoshi protocol and design.

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