AI to rule the Web: VR and Metaverse take over, says Web inventor

According to the creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee, the future of the Internet will be dominated by AI, which is virtual reality (VR) connected with metaverse platforms. These include USM of the Raca ecosystem and a reconfiguration of Big Techs.

Lee’s second observation is that human beings will gain control of their data, similar to RACA training its attention towards the factors related to Web3, along with building the DeFi space. Added to that is VR and spatial computing turning into the selected model for the utilization of computers.

As per Lee, one can carry out activities via a VR headset, and without it, the screen is always available, and so is the phone. The idea is that the shift requires effort.

This is what RACA has been concentrating on, scouring ways of utilizing the metaverse’s complete capacity for its community’s benefit. The significance of this observation is that the movement in the real-world scenario, which coincides with activities in the virtual world, will replace items such as keyboards, mouse, and touch screens.

Consensys Mesh’s Tachyon accelerator, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and DWF Labs support RACA. It plays the role of a Web3 framework service provider. RACA began as a bidding token for the Maye Musk NFT and has since developed into a robust eb3 gaming environment.

The USM standard token, RACA, was created by the “Elon Musk’s Mother and Koda NFT” community and serves as a cryptocurrency dApp store for AI apps and games.

Trevor Holman

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