Beefy Finance and ONTO to Host Program to Mine Liquidity

ONTO and Beefy Finance recently collaborated on a BIFI and AMA contest. The market valuation of Beefy Finance is about $1,120, with a 24-hour transaction volume of $1,451,393. This event will come as a huge boost for the current customers because it will be extremely profitable for them.

ONTO is offering up $2,000 in incentives on the occasion of its liquidity-boosting collaboration with Beefy Finance, with about $1,000 in ONG and $1,000 in BIFI. A portion of the profits will be given to the very first 200 individuals that stake LP tokens of ONT-BNB on Beefy using the ONTO Wallet. If there are less than 200 competitors, the $2,000 prize pool will be shared evenly. Isn’t it a fantastic prize for all participants?

Customers that invest their tokens of APE-LP/ WLP on Beefy using the ONTO Wallet and make sure to add a minimum of $20 of ONT-BNB volatility on ApeSwap or Wault Finance can earn $5 of ONG and $5 of BIFI.

To obtain their LP tokens, users must first add the trade pair liquidity of ONT-BNB to ApeSwap or Wault Finance and then invest the tokens of LP on the platform of Beefy Finance. Users that stake both WLP and  APE-LP tokens will not acquire dual returns; they should only pick one between the two. All the ONTO clients are eligible to take part, but each device/ ONT ID will be tallied only once. ONT ID wallets are the only ones that qualify to claim ONG prizes because ONG belongs to the asset category of OEP-4.

Let’s take a closer look at Beefy Finance and ONTO to get a better understanding of their businesses and how they will affect the event’s planning.

Beefy Finance provides a multi-chain, decentralized yield optimizer tool that allows users to generate compound interest on their held cryptocurrency. It optimizes user benefits from various automated market-making (AMM) initiatives, liquidity pools (LPs), as well as other opportunities for yield farming in space of DeFi using a set of investing techniques protected and implemented by payment systems called smart contracts.

On the other hand, ONTO is the first totally decentralized, cross-chain wallet, enabling people to control their identities, data, and online services in a safe manner. ONTO customers can maintain their digital money (including NFTs), make cross-chain exchanges, stay up to speed on business issues and updates through the ONTO profile page, and access a number of dApps.

Users can create an ONT ID, a cryptographically secure identification that fully secures their confidential information and allows for one-click multi-chain wallet addressing generation and administration with theONTO Wallet. ONTO Web Wallet for Chrome Browser is also available for Windows users.

Users can surmise how this Crypto Event will turn out be for all participants and how it will have a hopeful and impressive effect after learning everything about both sides.

Trevor Holman

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