Big Eyes Coin announces exciting plans: 6 months of growth in store for cat crew

The crypto world was greeted with the first meme coin in history a few years ago. Created as a joke and presented to show the lighthearted nature of cryptocurrency, but nobody could have predicted its impact on the future market. Soon after, meme coins began flocking in, all with their concepts but still drawing inspiration from Dogecoin in some way or the other. Soon, there was an entire market of investment opportunities, and until now, there were no coins strong enough to compete against these giants.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the new and improved version of the current meme coins. With its presale ending in less than a month, it boasts a variety of profitable opportunities. It has gathered a strong community of investors and users who have gotten behind the coin. The platform has an original concept – the first cat-themed meme coin – and displays its competitive edge in every aspect of its operation.

As Big Eyes prepare for its launch, its community and everyone interested in investing has much to look forward to. It plans to launch a crypto gaming casino and various Play-To-Earn (P2E) games and be listed on credible exchanges to enhance its credibility and reliability.

Token availability: Where to find them?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may turn out to be one of the most valuable tokens on the market, so why not know now where you can get them? One of the possible exchanges that Big Eyes Coin may launch on is Uniswap, followed by Bitget and

When Big Eyes Coin comes to the market, it is going to be an explosive launch, but it will also need investors who will trust it right from the beginning. These exchanges will give the tokens and Big Eyes Coin credibility and reliability among investors, increasing the community.

Kitty casino – Everyone is a winner

One of Big Eyes Coin’s largest attractions to investors is the loot boxes. These have a great risk-to-reward ratio and have made many users very happy. The best part about these is that they require a minimum investment of only $10 but have a payout of over a million dollars.

Kitty casino

The Loot Boxes were just a taste of what was to come. In the months following the launch, Big Eyes Coin plans on bringing larger winnings to their users. The Kitty Casino is a large-scale crypto casino with over 4000 games that users can play to win $BIG. In addition, there is also a variety of Play-To-Earn games that pays out in native tokens. All these games are accessible with $BIG tokens only.

The crypto casino will cause a reduction in the supply of coins from the exchanges; therefore, it is highly recommended to play for $BIG and accumulate as much as possible ahead of the launch.

Big Eyes Coin

The journey so far

When the Big Eyes Coin presale commenced in August 2022, nobody could have predicted the market reaction that was seen. Within two months, it cleared $8 million and had gathered a strong community of investors. So far, it has raised over $35 million and has donated over $15 000 to charities.

Apart from the loot boxes, the highlight attraction was the community competitions regularly held to display the lucrative opportunities within the platform. These sent a flood of wealth through its community of winners and enabled Big Eyes Coin to gather a lot of attention on social media, especially from hungry and motivated investors.

The journey so far

The presale, unfortunately, comes to an end on June 3rd. However, users still have a great opportunity to invest and accumulate their $BIG tokens when the Kitty Casino is fully operational. Use the code END300 to unlock your 300% bonus.

The launch of Big Eyes Coin is one of the most anticipated crypto launches in recent years. Everyone who has been either following its journey or investing in it is excited to reap the greater portion of their rewards finally. Its competitive edge has been made clear since day one, and its popularity will carry it to the top, most likely above Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, to crown it the meme coin rival.

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