Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Maker (MKR) Prices Fuel the Bulls; Escalation in the Coins Indicates Further Stability

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD) Price Analysis:

Bitcoin Cash price chart - Aug 23
Bitcoin Cash Chart By TradingView

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently riding on the bull. The coin is known to follow Bitcoin (BTC). BTC has tight control over the altcoin market. The escalation in Bitcoin often affects the rest of the coin. There is a strong indication that BCH would embark the escalation with BTC. The coin is currently dealing with a market cap of $5,555,975,763. The intraday chart is pointing towards a fabulous day.

Looking at the chart, the price of the coin registered an escalation. Yesterday, the coin slipped from $305 to $294 by 3.55%. Further, the coin jumped from $294 to $305 by 3.63%. Later, the coin jumped from $305 to $315 by 3.14%. The coin closed with an escalation of 1.61% at $310. Today, the coin slipped from $310 to $306 by 1.25%. The coin jumped from $306 to $311 by 1.66%.

The coin has a high prospect of future upsurge. The coin is recommended for long term investment. The same would bring a colossal profit.

Dash (DASH/USD) Price Analysis:

Dash price chart - Aug 23
Dash Chart By TradingView

Dash was seen suffering in the price chart from the last couple of days. There was strong speculation that the ongoing week would bring a huge escalation in the price. It seems like the expected escalation got delayed, yet embarked. Yesterday, the coin slipped from $90 to $87 by 2.88%. The coin started escalating. The coin closed at $91. The intraday profit was marked by 0.70%. Today, the coin escalated from $91 to $91.8 within the first few hours. There was a major escalation spotted which took the price up from $90 to $96 by 5.94%. The coin has escalated by 3.84% since the opening time and is currently dealing at $94.4. We are anticipating that the coin would keep moving up on the chart. The long term investment in the coin would bring massive profit to the investors.

Maker (MKR/USD) Price Analysis:

Maker price chart - Aug 23
Maker Chart By TradingView

Maker (MKR) is dealing with the perfect momentum. The coin started improving from the past couple of days. The inclination in the coin is speculated to remain intact. This could also be an indication of an upcoming price rally. Let’s have a look at the price chart. Yesterday, the coin opened at $493. The coin immediately slipped from $493 to $483 by 2.15%. Further, the coin jumped from $483 to $502 by 4.01%. The intraday escalation was of 1.22%. The coin closed at $499. Today, the coin opened at $499. The coin jumped from $499 to $505 by 1.11%.

We are anticipating that the coin would help in gaining massive dividends if the traders invest for a long term period.

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