Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bitcoin To Kick Off The Major Resistance At $9000 Soon Enough!

Speaking of headlines of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the first one to declare the latest updates. Bitcoin seems to bring delight to the investors with the brilliant financial technology which is increasing the value towards the upward trend.

Bitcoin is known for its volatility as it is upholding the longest bear market which is hopefully going to close the green candle consecutively by this month end. However, such a pattern is seen generally in the bull market, but supposedly that’s what excites investors towards Bitcoin. However, some people are quoting this too soon, but once the Bitcoin hits 11,700 USD, the confirmation of bull will be realized then.

It is too soon to expect the same, but since it is pushing towards 9000 USD with the highest price hit today, we might see the Bull Run again. So keep your seat belts on, because it is going to be a rough ride.

Price Analysis of BTC on 28th May 2019:

Today is a good day, in fact, an excellent day! Whether it’s intraday or inter-day trading you believe in, the investors are going to benefit real good in this month. The Bitcoin price at which it is currently traded in the cryptomarket is 8745 USD at 6:08 UTC time as on May 28th, with the coin maintaining its position of being a market leader. The Return on Investment is 6,385%. The Market Cap is 155,549,342,220 USD with 24 hour volume witnessed at 26,566,797,095 USD.

Bitcoin Chart 1

In fact, the investors were delightful to notice that Bitcoin reached its highest point value of 8899 USD just at midnight on May 27th, as highlighted in the above chart. The market has kicked off some really good returns for the investors.

BTC Price Comparison:

Bitcoin Chart 2

So far, this month has bought some smiles on the faces of the investors. Comparing the value with the previous two months; the value has increased by 115% and 61% from 28th March 2019   and 28th April respectively. The market seems to be pushing towards 9,000 USD in no time. Investors can earn maximum profits in this month only if they keep calm and analyze every move.

BTC Price Predictions:

So far, the market is showing an upward trend, and soon enough, it might hit 9,000 USD any second. As discussed before, investors are betting the market to touch 11,700 USD, and deceiving ‘M’ pattern that is seen from few weeks and months. According to the Bitcoin price forecast, Breaking 9,000 USD will be news of the date or maybe tomorrow! Just hang in there! It might clear the resistance level of $8,900 and hitting the new boundaries.


When will the figures hit the bull market is what everyone wants to analyze on the news? So do not change your channel soon, because the update of every single second is important. The support level by the BTC price is maintained between $8450 and $8600, as noticed after this weekend. So pick your move wisely.

Scott Cook

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