BitHarp Group Limited Releases Liquid Mining Rigs- ‘Lyre Miner And Harp Miner’

The well-known cryptocurrency manufacturer, BitHarp Group, has created a lot of buzz in the market by releasing two new pepped up liquid mining rigs studded with advanced features and enhanced working capacities.

Lyre Miner and Harp Miner, the two mining rig launched by BitHarp boast of an array of benefits which includes a high hash rate and substantial profits.

About Lyre Miner And Harp Miner:

A perfect companion for the users, Lyre Miner, comes with a compact design which makes it convenient for use in home, office, data center, etc. The powerful liquid mining rig boasts of multiple user-friendly features which makes it a perfect choice for many. On the front of the Miner is the touch screen operator interface which allows easy handling of operations and efficient monitoring of the system. It consumes a 600W power supply.

Lyre Miner Hash Rate:

Bitcoin            335 TH/s
Litecoin          55 GH/s
Ethereum       14 GH/s
Dash                9 TH/s

Harp Miner is released as an efficient main Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) mining rig that fosters the best safety standards and High Hash Rate Power. It is designed with an intention to be fault-tolerant and to curb potential risks which are attached to liquid cooling. Harp Miner promises a safe, secure, and user-friendly mechanism of mining without bearing the costs, complexities, and risks associated with liquid cooling. It has a power consumption of 2400W.

Harp Miner Hash Rate:

Bitcoin            2000 TH/s
Litecoin          300 GH/s
Ethereum       75 GH/s
Dash               50 TH/s

Daniel Cox, the Director of Engineering at BitHarp stated:

BitHarp products are a new revolution in the cryptocurrency market because it gives the opportunity to any kind of investor to be on profit after a month.

Both the miners, Lyre and Harp, are formulated to benefit an average investor with its unique features and fault-tolerant capabilities, including user-friendly interfaces combined with powerful functionality. ROI is delivered in one month span by Lyre Miner as well as Harp Miner.

The New Zealand based cryptocurrency manufacturing firm, BitHarp is renowned for its high-performance and efficient mining rigs created to lubricate the process of mining for every investor in general by allowing them to earn more profits.

David Cox

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