Bithumb Is Going To List MIXMARVEL (MIX) And Start The 10 Million Airdrop Today!

Yesterday, on Twitter, the global crypto exchange Bithumb announced that it will list MIXMARVEL (MIX). As per the announcement, the launch date is 10th May 2019 at “2:00 in the afternoon (KST).” Bithumb is a South Korean blockchain platform where you can purchase, sell, exchange, or trade cryptocurrency. The platform offers a number of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

In the official blog announcement about the launch, there is another exciting revelation that might interest Bithumb users. The blog says that the crypto exchange will conduct “10 million airdrop event” as a mark of celebration of the listing of MIXMARVEL (MIX.) Those who are interested in learning more about the event can go through the official blog of the crypto exchange, and for those who wish to go into even deeper into the details can check out the Mixmarvel’s Foundation page.

In the blog, one can find information regarding the processing time for deposit as well as withdrawals. According to the announcement, the withdrawal time is decided for the coming Monday to Saturday, and the timings for it are 09:00 ~ 21:00. Please note that these days do not include Sundays and other official holidays. For withdrawals, the channel which has been made available includes “PC Web, Mobile, and API.”

The 10 million Airdrop event:

The crypto exchange has revealed the timeline for the event. It will span for three consecutive days. It will be conducted from 10th of May, 2019 till 12th May 2019 (midnight.).

Distribution of MIX:

The daily contribution rate is the key factor which will decide how many MIX tokens will get distributed. Ideally, as per the blog, an amount of 2,500,000 MIX has been decided for every three days.

Additionally, there is a special distribution plan for the users who will manage to gather the largest amount of transactions in these three days. The first three users will be then awarded extra MIX. The number of MIX tokens as per ascending order are- 200K MIX, 500K MIX, and 800K MIX tokens. Further, there is a mention of how the contribution rate will be calculated as well as how the accumulation of the transaction (KRW) will be figured out

On the other hand, the deposit for the airdrop event will take place only on the 10th of May. The airdrop is made available for those who will deposit MIX tokens externally during the mentioned timeline. The airdrop will also be awarded to the top three participants. The first user with highest deposit amount needs to fulfil the distribution amount of 150K MIX tokens, the second one with 90K MIX Tokens, and the third one with 60K MIX tokens. The minimum amount of deposit to be qualified for the event is 1500 MIX.

When will the winner get the payment after Airdrop?

As per the blog, the lucky date is 22nd May 2019. As a caution, it is advised by the exchange that the transaction should not smell of any illegal activity or any kind of abnormality. The entire responsibility of the right kind of transaction is laid on the shoulders of the user, by the crypto exchange.

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