Charlie Shrem: Bitcoin Continues to Dwarf Other Crypto Communities

As the world enters the second decade of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been joined by thousands of other coins and crypto ecosystems.

In an interview with SFOX, Bitcoin enthusiast Charlie Shrem stated that despite these growing crypto communities, the Bitcoin ecosystem continued to dwarf other growing cryptos, including giants like Ethereum and Litecoin.

Shrem added that although Bitcoin was dominating a majority of the digital asset market, it was nice to see growth in other communities like Ethereum, Litecoin, Tezos, Hedera Hashgraph, and Dash.

“It’s nice to see these individuals, non-hostile communities because there are other big communities, like the Ripple community, that are so hostile. The Dash community used to hostile, but I like the Dash community now. They’ve become a really nice community: they realized what their goals are, and they’re all kind of doing their own thing. And so I’m bullish on that,” he said.

Growth of “Non-hostile” Digital Coin Communities

Shrem went on to highlight that sometimes, the crypto space can often get incredibly hostile and negative. Many of his friends, who were deeply involved in the space in its early years, withdrew and became inactive because they were jaded by the antagonism they faced.

“It’s a real fear, and it’s sad when I see that happen,” Shrem stated with reference to the prevalent negativity in the sector.

Some communities frequently dismiss people who support other digital coins and have different ideas and philosophies from them. For instance, there is often heated and critical debate between those who support Bitcoin and those who support altcoins. In fact, the altcoin Bitcoin SV is openly hostile to Bitcoin. This can make the global crypto community considerably divided and incredibly unfriendly.

However, Shrem insists that “the hostility in the civil war and the tribalism” is a small minority in a large (and rapidly growing) industry. Shrem pointed out that despite some hostile voices, much of the industry was contributing positively.

For example, he emphasized that Anthony Pompliano’s contribution to the space was significant and constructive. He wasn’t merely another “talking head,” but a successful investor and entrepreneur whose podcasts promoted the crypto industry at large and provided his followers with productive advice.

Charlie Shrem: A Central Figure in Bitcoin’s Early Rise

Charlie Shrem has held multiple accolades in the crypto space. He was the founder and CEO of one of the first crypto exchanges – BitInstant, and founder and Vice-Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation.

One of the first entrepreneurs in the industry, Shrem first became involved with Bitcoin as a college student in 2011. Currently, he is founder of CryptoIQ and the host of the podcast Untold Stories, which recounts the history of the crypto industry.


A crypto celebrity since his early 20s, Shrem is an investor in EVR, a New York City bar which became the first bar in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Last year, the Bitcoin pioneer joined the NIX platform as an advisor because he advocates for values that align with the network: privacy and decentralization. Shrem believes that people should have complete control over their digital assets and data.

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