Chateau debuts on Arbitrum One: A new era begins

The Chateau Capital team is excited to announce the launch of the Chateau app on Arbitrum One Network, which is considered a significant milestone in opening investments to the global arena. Investors worldwide are now allowed to venture through and invest in the leading product of Chateau, Chateau Alternative Debt (CHAD.D), via the Chateau App. 

The launch of the CEE to Arbitrum bridge is a great milestone for Chateau Capital and shows strong cooperation with Arbitrum as its first blockchain partner, along with some interesting things to come.

The constantly evolving blockchain technology in 2024 makes it essential to pick the right platform for deployment among high-quality networks meticulously. Arbitrum was the most suitable choice for the initial launch of the Chateau app, given its outstanding characteristics. 

Regarding the DeFi ecosystem, Arbitrum is unrivaled as it is currently the leader among L2 platforms, with the TVL exceeding $3.2 billion, which covers 575 applications. Arbitrum has over 250,000 active daily addresses and a very engaged user base on its network. This gives Chateau a unique opportunity to integrate with and tap into this user base.

Arbitrum One has an exceptional user experience as one of its key attractions, greatly improved by upgrades of Decun + Atlas. The transaction fees have decreased to just a few coins, making it a more attractive option for users. 

The recent Arbitrum DAO decision allocated over 35 million ARB tokens to RWA projects, demonstrating Arbitrum’s commitment to real-world assets (RWAs). This strategic move shows Arbitrum’s ambition to lead in the RWA space, as opposed to other networks that focus on short-lived trends like meme coins or NFTs.

The professional level of the Offchain Labs team, creators of Arbitrum, is high, which was appreciated by the Chateau team. They have been an essential component of a wide range of activities, including creating collaborations with several apps and the design of marketing strategies, as well as offering technical consultation. This means that they are an essential part of the sector.

Through the launch, investors can now exchange USDT for CHADD tokens, which are issued as ERC-20 tokens on the Arbitrum One network. Chateau aims to intensify its engagement with Arbitrum DeFi in the future. This entails offering free trading of its tokens at Camelot DEX and Uniswap DEX using CHAD.D in borrow/lend protocols and with added leverage provided by Gearbox integration. Additionally, supporters hope the Arbitrum Foundation approves a Long-Term Incentives Pilot Program (LTIPP) grant, enabling the increase of returns for early CHAD.D-USDT liquidity providers.

Chateau is geared towards rewarding early adopters with their first Chateau Points Program campaign. It is the program in which early CHAD.D miners and liquidity providers are rewarded with bonus points, and rewards are transferred to participants’ wallets before the official announcement of the program. Arbitrum and Chateau Capital’s joint efforts here mean that innovative investment solutions can be developed in DeFi and blockchain.

Roxanne Williams

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