Connext and Linea partner to securely scale Ethereum

Connext and Linea have joined hands with the objective of securely scaling Ethereum. Both partners bring their specialties to the table. For instance, the zkEVM architecture of Linea pushes the limitless boundaries of cost and scalability. Similarly, the cross-chain features of Connext facilitate data or liquidity fragmentation.

Founded as a digital wallet, MetaMask currently focuses on accepting ETH and other tokens that are based on ETH. All the users can keep a close watch on MetaMask Wallet review to get all the new updates. Furthermore, the platform supports two hardware wallets, namely Trezor and Ledger, on the extension. Almost every country supports the operations of MetaMask, making the wallet a desirable partner for others.

The common objective of scaling Ethereum happens to be a huge plus point for users. They will now be able to bring innovation without any limitations to their efforts.

Linea also brings faster transactions and lower gas costs through its prover design. Security remains at the center with change in it whatsoever. In other words, transactions and costs see improvement with no risk of security to the network at the macro level.

Linea rides high with the integration of MetaMask and Truffle, and it is boosted by full EVM compatibility along with native integration with the said tools.

Connext seeks to maintain the same level of security. What makes this a possibility is its modular architecture that allows the protocol to be plugged into the native bridge of Linea with Ethereum.

Tokens can be moved in & out of Linea at a much more economical cost, at a faster speed, and with no compromise to security.

The partnership between Connext and Linea has been announced by Connext through its official Twitter handle, wherein it has said that the team is looking forward to shaping the future of Web3 and working with the builders to be a part of this journey. Connext has also shared that the Testnet is life for builders.

The integration and partnership between Connext and Linea follow the launch of Portfolio, a decentralized application by MetaMask featuring a series of tools that can be leveraged by users to monitor and better manage their funds. Connext has been chosen for integration to ensure that tokens can be moved across the chain with ensured reliability and security.

Initially, the integration is restricted to the MetaMask Portfolio dApp; however, users will soon be able to perform cross-chain swaps in the browser extension of MetaMask or in their wallets.

Connext has also shed some light on other factors that favored its selection by MetaMask. These are:

  • Audits of deployed contract code regularly
  • Battle testing on multiple mainnets
  • High liquidity & reliability
  • Better handling the failure cases

The partnership, including MetaMask & Consensys, intends to continue for a long time. With Consensys, specifically, Connext has previously worked on publishing a guide on bridges that are available in today’s ecosystem. It majorly talks about different types of bridges that users can leverage for their purpose.

Moving forward, Connext aims to become the most favorable partner for users for its security, speed, and cost.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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