Content Creators Get Paid in Bitcoin Cash

Recently, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) admirers got a chance to see two new video platforms committed to the BCH ecosystem. Cinema.Cash and Porn.Cash give content creators the capability to publish videos and get paid in cryptocurrency.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a particular form of Internet money. This Internet money is decentralized peer-to-peer cash where you can send money to anyone across the world, instantly and in a more secure way, almost for free, without requiring any form of permission from third-party banks or government.

The video service called Cinema. Cash which has been currently fueled by Bitcoin cash (BCH) and it allows the users to upload the content and encourages the users to get rewarded for posts. There are two varieties of revenue streams that content creators can avail. One is to get paid in crypto – tips and pay-per-view sessions. This method of Tipping is set to default for all videos, and with pay-per-view, users have to pay early to watch the content. Registering is almost uncomplicated and straightforward as users don’t need to use an email or verify their identity. Whenever one of your contents earned income (Tipping, Pay Per View, etc.), your status will increase automatically. The more you earn, the higher your status and you get high standard access to a wider audience on the platform.

A user requires only a username and password to sign up to both websites. Cinema Cash has a large-scale list of videos including subjects like a documentary, action, comedy, science fiction, and cryptocurrencies. The creators also designed a fundraising section so that the users can publish videos to raise little money for someone in need. Porn Cash is exactly similar to Cinema Cash, but obviously, it has more adult contents.

If we take a deeper dig at the websites, the visitors can see that both the platforms have a decent quantity of videos. Users can publish YouTube videos alongside Vimeo movies and Twitch TV as well. The easiest way to upload your video to YouTube is to paste the YouTube link and then submit the content.

The Cinema Cash team says that with the effort of publishing the content, creators can have their platform. In addition to using Bitcoin cash (BCH), the creators of the websites plan to motivate tipping with a token called “Cash.”

“To incentivize tipping, we are also giving away chances to win Cash tokens for every tipping done,” explains the application developer.

“Cash tokens holders are all entitled to a share of the platform profits based on the percentage of Cash tokens they hold — essentially, we are giving the platform away to the Bitcoin Cash community.”

We can also note that through the member’s options section users can view a few tabs that enable them to interact with the website’s content. For example, there’s an “upload video” tab which allows you to link a video to the website with some features. There are two types of payment method when uploading content, “free” and “pay-per-view.” From here the user can add a video title, description, video URL, a screenshot, categories, and keywords. The application also has a wallet option where it allows the user to withdraw. When tipping or paying for a movie, the platform will deploy a BCH address that can be copied and a QR code that can be scanned. The withdrawal section will display earnings data, and balances for both BCH and Cash tokens.

Finally, we can see that the application has a good amount of videos for such a new platform. Even though Cinema Cash and Porn Cash appear to be similar, we can see that Porn Cash also has a lot of video material. The adultery site has a whole bunch of movies where users have to pay to watch, and it’s likely the pay-per-view model performs better than on the ordinary site. The platform developer hints that there will be an official announcement concerning project development.

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