Craig Wright Provided Latest Details on the Current Lawsuit

Craig Wright has provided latest details on the lawsuit which is going on in the United States. The case was filed in the previous year against Wright who is a technologist claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous bitcoin creator, by Ira Kleiman, the brother of Dave Kleiman. There is an accusation on Wright that says he tried to seize not only the bitcoins owned by Dave but also specific intellectual property rights related to the technology of bitcoin. Dave passed away in the year 2013.

A declaration from Kleiman v. Wright filing emerged on 20th June 2019 that accounts in detail Wright’s professed ownership along with Tulip Trust’s trustee scheme. Apparently, this Trust holds more than 1 million bitcoin. The filing states that the access to this trust’s holdings needs all trustee’s participation, at least one of them with whom no contact has been maintained by him at least for a few years. Additionally, the document that was filed originally in court on 8th May, also suggests the existence of Tulip Trust II, a second such trust.

According to the reports, Wright was ordered by the federal court to reveal all the details about the bitcoin addresses he has in the current lawsuit prior to the filing of the document. The declaration issued on Thursday goes on to disclose that the Trust consolidated bitcoins that were mined and bought by Wright between the period of 2009-2011.

About the case:

Kleiman has sought 50% of the entire 1.1 million BTC or its equal market value that was seemingly mined together by Dave and Wright. In addition to that, Kleiman has also demanded compensation for intellectual property rights infringement. It must be noted here that the complaint done initially didn’t ask for confirmation whether it was Wright who held the identity of Nakamoto. It stated that it remains unclear whether Dave, Wright, and/or both are the bitcoin creators.

Tulip Trust came into the public eye through leaked documentation on 9th December 2015. The document is said to be written by Dave in 2011 and records that the trust fund comprising 1,100,111 BTC exactly are to be governed by a minimum of 3 people and a maximum 7 at any given time. Interestingly enough, it is also written in the document that the BTC holdings have to be given back to Wright on 1st January 2020.

These latest developments have surfaced while the mediation process is still underway. However, as of 18th June, no fruitful results have come out of it. As it is known, Wright’s deposition is due on 28th June in Florida.

The details of the Trust:

The court declaration submitted by Wright claims that the trust had 7 trustees, which included David Kleiman, Ms. Uyen Nguyen, and Craig Wright. As per Wright, he has not had any contact with Nguyen since 2016. It was also mentioned that Kleiman was the prime and only trustee before anyone else was appointed. Apart from that, an Australian company named Panopticrypt Pty Ltd, a UK firm called CO1N Ltd, and a Seychelles company were also named in the declaration. Panopticrypt is in liquidation whereas the UK firm has liquidated in the year 2017.

The declaration also said that Nguyen was terminated from the post of a director at CO1N on 1st June 2016. The points of contact at CO1N were Nguyen and Kleiman, and the current scenario has only Wright as a contact person for this firm. The document also reveals Satoshi Nakamoto as the last trustee.

The second Tulip Trust, on the other hand, was set in Seychelles in the year 2014. Its listed trustee was Equator Consultants and the listed primary beneficiaries were Wright and Ramona Watts, his wife. However, the second trust’s holdings are unknown.

The document also noted that the trust one is encrypted utilizing the Shamir algorithm method that requires all the private keys to be gathered for the decryption process. The trust’s encrypted files contain information about the bitcoin mined by Wright.

Furthermore, it was also suggested that staff at Signia Enterprises and HighSecured mined bitcoin between 2011-2013 under Wright’s direction, which is at present inaccessible. This bitcoin trove was also to be held on the first Tulip Trust’s behalf. Wright also alleged that in 2015, HighSecured’s principles were arrested.

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