Crypto Tipping Released by Brave, Reddit and Vimeo Revamp their Content Monetizing

Brave, the Blockchain web browser company has proceeded to cross borders with its crypto tipping offering with embedding it in the applications, Reddit as well as Vimeo.

This came out on Wednesday, the August 21st. The tipping option on Vimeo as well as Reddit was released a while after being initially started on Twitter after a successful trial run on the testing browser of Brave’s Nightly.

The latest update of the software gives its users an option of tipping with ad-free applications like Vimeo, this along with the news and media giant Reddit. This was done with Brave’s niche Basic Attention Token (BAT).

The creation of the tipping on these widely used apps was available already from the late in June this year. But just recently it has become usable as a browser preview for developers. The firm said that people could begin to authenticate their user accounts to start getting updates regarding beta version.

It is to be noted that this wasn’t Brave’s first attempt to make tipping on Vimeo and Reddit. Back in 2012, the video company Vimeo launched its feature of Tip jar, letting creators and users receive amount of anywhere from $1 and $500 via credit card and PayPal. Although this was soon terminated as Vimeo then was working aggressively on its, content monetization tool aka Vimeo On Demand.

Also, Reddit in 2013 started content tipping on its app for Bitcoin via the recently popular bitcointip bot. It was terminated too due to unknown reasons and another method called Changetip of tipping was launched in 2014. Changetip recorded over 100,000 user sign-ups along with 350,000+ tips. But this was again stopped in 2017.

Hence it can be seen that Both companies have picked some of the other monetizing plans in recent years.

This tipping add-on will aid Brave’s motives to mitigate its users’ reliance on advertisements. It even lets users engage with content owners directly. All this points to a new revolution.

With a huge gamut of choices like privacy-centric ad portal, to tipping content on the social media, the company is growing their consumer base into the Internet’s huge space.

BAT is expected to grow to 4.6% in the coming week, right trading at an amount of $0.192, based on data by Coin360.

Scott Cook

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