Dash Price Analysis: How Long The Bullish Trend in DASH Will Last?

Dash is one of the few cryptocurrencies which has developed offline transaction. The said development has made Dash more accessible as it can be used at any point of time in physical mode. The use of cryptocurrency is judged on the basis of its offline and online use.

Many cryptocurrencies have still not discovered the offline interface and which makes Dash a stand out. The most exciting thing about Dash is it’s transaction verification time which is comparatively less than any other currency. Dash is quick and more accessible than any other cryptocurrency.

Many investors are still figuring out whether to go with the token or not. We will explain the movement of Dash from past one year also predict it’s future.

Dash Price Statistics:

The chart as on 3rd June 2019, at 07:48 UTC:

DASH price chart - June 3

  • The coin is at the 14th rank in the crypto market.
  • The price of Dash is 160.900 USD.
  • The market cap of Dash is 1,431,428,079 USD.
  • The 24hr volume of Dash coin is 420,081,658 USD.
  • The circulating supply of Dash is marked as 8,845,488 DASH.

Dash Coin Comparison:

The graph of Dash is indicating steady growth. Dash coin price started at $80.671 at the beginning of 2019, and now the price is around $160.900. The growth is more than 2x as compared to the price in January 2019. The YTD chart is also reflecting two broad jumps this year. First was from last week of February 2019 till the first week of April 2019. The price reflected a progression of 55%, as the price jumped from $89.223 to $136.918. The other hike happened between 8th April 2019 and 19th May 2019. The price jumped from $136.918 to $176.141. In the second bounce, as highlighted in the chart, there is a surge of 28.64%.

Dash Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Dash has almost doubled its price from that with which it started at the beginning of the year. The first half of Dash was quite good, and in the upcoming months, the bullish trend is said to continue.

In the coming few years, the price is said to take an enormous hike, as per Dash Forecast. People looking for long-term investing can definitely go with Dash.

Investors who are entering the market this year can also consider Dash because of its previous growth.

However, in the crypto market, it is best to diverge the investment to cut short the risk.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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