Decentraland (MANA) And Enjin (ENJ) Are Preparing A New Trail In The Crypto-Infused Gaming; Coinbase Just Took Notice

The gaming industry is a fertile ground for crypto that involves several billion dollars. Two of the significant crypto projects, Decentraland and Enjin, were included in Coinbase’s latest set of assets for possible listing.

For the new fraternity of crypto investors who prioritize fundamentals rather than putting their focus on speculative price potential, they rightfully deserve more attention.

Decentraland : 

Decentraland is one of the strongest projects within the sector. It is a hypothetical virtual world where you can purchase parcels of LAND sized 10m x 10m. MANA is the accepted currency of this world. The second auction of LAND launched 9,350 parcels and total parcels in the world amount to 90,000.

In the first LAND auction, 34,356 parcels were sold for around 161 million MANA. 9,331 remained unsold. Genesis City’s layout was established after the first auction. The SDK is prepared to make a full launch in an alpha release this year.

Binance Partnership :

The project has struck a deal with Binance which involves, 875,000 MANA. Also, one Binance-branded parcel of LAND will be gifted to the lucky winners of the competition run by its partners.

Binance Coin (BNB) is yet another in the list of currencies used to buy LAND in the auction.

Ari Meilich, project lead of the blockchain-powered virtual world, had a take on this, “Binance has about 10 million users and very popular social accounts – so naturally, a lot of new people started following and engaging with our project,” says Meilich.

“We are currently announcing other major crypto projects to the auction, and the interest continues ramping up.”

An Eagerly Anticipated Launch For The Virtual World :

The new offers made by the platform excites artists and 3D-world coders alike.

One amongst the group that was featured in the BBC Stories video report, Sam Clare,

“To be honest I haven’t done anything in regards to my Decentraland parcel. I have read up on and gotten myself comfortable with babylon.js and will build something when DCL launches.”

Sam Clare is preparing himself for the next launch. He sharpens his guns as he eagerly awaits the launch of a crypto-infused world which has captured his attention.

 “I have mainly been developing on my Cryptovoxels parcels as that is live and development for that has been rocketing recently.  I have a fair few parcels.”

“You can visit my crypto punk shop at and one of my galleries at I also built the BLUP parcel, 8bit Nintendo homage and the Ministry of Smiley Faces.”

Scott Cook

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