Electroneum Price Analysis: Will The Investors Continue With Their Investments In ETN Or Drop?

Electroneum seems to have nothing to brag about anything else anymore. The free taxi rides are over, so what next? How are they going to sustain the market? From 2-3 days now, it seems there are no small or big announcements by the Electroneum team. Will existing investors quit their portfolio, or new traders will catch the eye of ETN? Almost all the ETN followers seem to revolve around these concerns.

Let’s see if the price statistics can answer any of the concerns at all!

Electroneum Price Analysis on 7th Jun 2019:

At the time of penning down, the value of Electroneum price was trading at $0.004240 at 9:11 UTC on 7th June 2019. The market ranking of ETN is bounced back to number 132 which was 122 yesterday. Followers might be losing interest by now! The Market Cap value is $40,569,227 USD. The 24 hour volume is not catching the eyes after all with valuation at $396,215 USD. However, the supply of Electroneum is quite impressively circulating at 9,567,671,394 ETN in the market.

ETN Coin Comparison:

Electroneum Price Chart - 7 June

Electroneum must announce a strong back up; otherwise the investors are fading from the portfolio. Within the past 20 days as highlighted in the chart, the highest price (BTC) 0.00000074 of the coin was on 16th May. The price decreased by 29.72% from then when compared with current price (BTC). Another chunk beating the remaining pulses of the portfolio was realized on 5th June with the value trading at 0.00000059. The value is further dropped by 11% since then.

Such a data might bring some static swelling in the visibility of Electroneum to the investors.

Electroneum Price Prediction & Conclusion:

However, investors might not wish to waste their time and are left with no hopes with ETN anymore, until something big fat is announced; it may drop further. With only two partnered exchange till now and value trading in the bullish zone, will ETN survive the portfolios of the investors or have divestment? Are the followers going to continue to watch the same trend? It seems that Electroneum without a strong support is going to lose the market!

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