Ethereum Vs. EOS: Ethereum’s (ETH) Rapid Surge Has Taken Over EOS’ Crawling Trend

  • Ethereum gives traders several delightful moments; EOS holders continue to cringe
  • EOS needs to come on board with the rising market trend to get noticed

Ethereum has shown mind-blowing performance in this week, and the coin continues to surge steadily to cross $350 mark. On the other hand, EOS, also sometimes referred to as the ‘Ethereum Killer’ is no way near the bullish trend and hovering within $8. The traders of ETH mark the week as celebratory while EOS traders are now concerned about the future benefits of this crypto. The overshadowing performance of ETH in the current market statistics gives a clear indication to EOS to catch up fast before it is too late. The market remains optimistic.

Ethereum-EOS Price Statistics:

As on June 26, 2019, at 09:04:45 UTC, ETH is trading at $330.91 while EOS is trading at $7.16. While ETH recorded a surge of over 8% peaking from $306.06 yesterday to its current value, EOS has also shown an uptrend of 3% rising from $6.93 to its current value. Both coins peaked to their day’s highest till now of $337 by ETH and $7.32 by EOS, but ETH has taken over EOS completely in terms of the steep surge.

ETH EOS Price Chart
ETH-EOS Price Chart
Statistics Ethereum (ETH) EOS (EOS)
Price  (USD) 330.91 7.16
Price (BTC) 0.02640738 0.00057559
Market Capitalization 35,249,457,377 6,666,746,158
24h volume 11,469,996,990 3,177,681,361
Circulating Supply 106,647,326 ETH 920,691,975 EOS
Return on Investment >9000% 601.72%

 ETH has surged from $318 to $330 in the last one day while EOS is currently trading low from its yesterday’s high of $7.29, but it may pick up momentum very soon if the crypto enthusiasts are to be believed.

Ethereum-EOS Price Prediction:

EOS has shown 3X growth in the year rising from $2.5 to almost $8 last month and now trading at $7, but the coin is expected to surge higher in the next few months as Bitcoin continues to go bullish and may end the year on a high note trading above $10. Similarly, ETH has already aligned itself with BTC’s rising trends, and the currency may keep growing to cross $350 mark sooner.


This is the best time to invest in coins which are growing with Bitcoin and ETH, and EOS continues to be the topmost picks for their stability and long-term security.

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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