Ethereum’s devs place shadow fork to back ETH withdrawals

In terms of having created an absolute landmark on Ethereum’s next bit of upgradation, the network’s developers have successfully positioned a shadow fork in terms of the backing of staked ETH withdrawals. Marius Van Wijden of the Go Ethereum (Geth) client mentions through a tweet that the final touches are being actively made on the very first shadow fork of Ethereum’s imminent Shanghai upgrade.

In a further statement, he states that all of the nodes happen to be in tune on the shadow fork, following calculated alterations that were made where the Go Ethereum client is concerned. He also divulges the fact that the process now is for the developers of Ethereum to stress test the shadow fork with the due help of spamming the network through the usage of invalid blocks. In the meantime, and in his opinion, the final touches seem to be working out okay. 

Shadow forks happen to be private positionings where Ethereum is concerned and which core developers happen to utilize for the testing of remaining upgrades. They are also suitably utilized in the case scenario of finalizing code prior to its launch on public testnets. 

It has been possible for all of the ETH holders to stake their own coins from the time the Beacon Chain, which happens to be Ethereum’s Proof Stake consensus layer, happened to have been positioned live sometime in the month of December 2020. 

However, it so happens that in the case of the stakers, they are simply not allowed to make any withdrawals of their assets. This has indeed become an immensely controversial issue amongst Ethereum’s critics. 

Micah Zoltu, who happens to be an Ethereum developer, shared his belief that the upgrade may cause a setback for other developers in case the code specifically backs the recursive-length prefix sterilization (RLP) encoding. 


Further, and in his own opinion, the present Shanghai code is against permitting ETH withdrawals which are adaptable with simple serialize (SSZ), which happens to be an upcoming coding formula. His prediction is that the increase of SSZ will be responsible for the diminishing stature of the RLP. Even according to Ethereum developers Danny Ryan, as well as Tomasz Stanczak, adequate work has not been carried out on the possible effects of moving to SSZ could have on Ethereum. They all unanimously agree with the fact that the process needs to be slowed down a bit to achieve better results. 

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