Gucci Vault expands across Sandbox Metaverse & sparks creativity

Gucci is the first luxury brand to create its space in a virtual gaming world. The Sandbox marks its footprints as an initial force to move in the metaverse. Gucci Vault Land, a new innovative venture by Gucci, collaborates with The Sandbox so that the players can own, build and monetize their gaming experiences.

Gucci Vault Land is a digital space for the players to explore the essence of Vault. The experimental store Gucci Vault Land will be featured as a private event from 27th Oct to 9th Nov. Players can experience the Vault at 360°, during which a selection of digital assets will be available.

Robots with computer heads lead the path through an enormous landscape entrance characterized by towering columns. However, from the racing game to the Vault Vintage Lab, Gucci Vault Land offers players a series of rooms with a curation of exclusive Gucci pieces, NFT artworks and much more. 

Players will engage in various activities before entering a lottery organized by The Sandbox, in which they can get a chance to win an exclusive reward and The Sandbox’s token, SAND, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Gucci Vault community is to be rewarded with those holding a Gucci Vault NFT in their cryptocurrency wallets, such as the Gucci Grail NFT or the SUPER GUCCI.

Gucci Vault Land will provide players with an immersive experience in The Sandbox, created by Vault, Gucci’s experimental concept store. The digital space provides a tentative platform where the multifaceted essence of Vault can manifest itself in a single space.

Roxanne Williams

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