How Trustology Helps Cryptocurrency Owners to Secure Their Investments

Trustology is an organization devoted to build a more secure back-office infrastructure for investing in cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, the organization launched TrustVault as a way for people to securely store the keys which identifies them as the owners of the crypto accounts and their assets; furthermore, to receive and send cryptos on their cell phones in around one second.

Security Concerns

There are a few significant security issues to look into. Firstly, it is the immutability factor. Further, transactions in the cryptocurrency sector are final and cannot be turned around. Due to its unknown or pseudonymous nature, cryptocurrencies are commonplace for the frauds to launder money.

Trustology Providing Solutions for Security Concerns

  • The first product of Trustology, TrustVault, integrates private key protection against physical and cyber threats with low latency execution. The organization declared that it could protect private keys and control code inside sealed, programmable hardware security modules facilitated in secure data centers, with encrypted backups in the cloud.
  • TrustVault’s unique infrastructure uses Hardware security modules (HSMs) to secure data combined with a few layers of encryption. This mix mitigates any security risks and offers the user with a significant level of reliability and security.
  • Trustology offers clients an assortment of innovative features; however, none is presumably as significant as their insurance. Further, funds in the TrustVault are insured against the selected plan. For organizations, they additionally offer extended insurance.
  • Trustology’s TrustVault account backs major digital assets from Bitcoin to Ether to ERC-20 tokens. It has raised $8 million in a seed investment to safeguard the digital assets. Additionally, it works on Ethereum, a public, open, and decentralized blockchain developed to allow programmable decentralized applications.
  • TrustVault Accounts take care of the complex and pressing issues of keeping the crypto assets safe. Even though blockchain offers numerous advantages, it additionally presents new problems. Current solutions created by the blockchain industry to date, require owners of the asset comprise of usability, performance, and security.
  • TrustVault Accounts offers the best service by protecting private keys against physical and cyber threats while enabling asset owners to transact freely.
  • Earlier in September, Trustology declared a service for its business clients. This offers a fully facilitated, flexible crypto asset custodial wallet. Some of the advantages include multi-asset accounts, blockchain security tools like white/blacklists, instant transfer anywhere and anytime.
  • Additionally, the new solution meets the regulatory and compliance standard with built-in KYC against illegal tax avoidance and ID verification process, which includes personal information, documentation, media checks, and continuous suspicious activity reporting.

Wrap up

Even with these consistent levels of security, the Trustology wallet permits the client to execute transactions straight from smartphones or through API integration. Besides, this decreases any potential delays in the transaction caused by the manual processing of transactions, while offering a simplified client experience.

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