Infura Announces the Development of Decentralized Infrastructure Network

Infura, a blockchain development tool, is looking forward to introducing a decentralized infrastructure protocol early next year to ease worries that its platform is too centralized to support the decentralized applications of the Ethereum ecosystems (dApps).

The network is known as the “Decentralized Infrastructure Network.” According to the company, this protocol would “strengthen the core of Web3,” enabling billions more users in the future to access the data and services they require.

Web3 businesses may connect to blockchains without running their nodes, thanks to Infura, which offers the infrastructure needed to launch their products.

About 350,000 active users can connect DApps with the Ethereum blockchain using Infura instead of running a full node, which uses more storage and is more expensive. But there is a cost associated with such accessibility. Users can protect sensitive activities by running a full node; however, Infura also logs its users’ IP addresses and wallet addresses.

Infura will not abandon its centralized offering, which uses a single provider, ConsenSys, and cloud services hosted by Amazon, despite its quest for decentralization. Instead, the decentralized protocol will coexist with the business’s current products.

According to Infura in 2019, decentralization is possible if each person runs their node. The company’s forthcoming decentralized infrastructure network might offer an alternative solution.

E.G. Galano, the founder of Infura, says that to emphasize these principles and reaffirm dedication to being the top blockchain development suite for Ethereum and other networks, the company is looking forward to bringing in a significant evolution. The development of a decentralized infrastructure network was always going to happen. There are some aspects of the consumer experience that you cannot decentralize. The company has customer relationships through customer success managers and specialized support engineers.

ConsenSys’ main objective has always been decentralization. The product team is decentralizing the complete process by observing natural product market fit. The logical extension of that objective is a Decentralized Infrastructure Network via Infura.

The company is looking forward to connecting with partners to get assistance and bring a massive change to the decentralized infrastructure. Moreover, the company wants to develop quality service.

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