Justin Sun Re-emphasizes on MPC Torch Project; Says 20 People Attended

TRON Foundation announced the MPC Torch project last month, a part of the largest ever Privacy Protocol MPC, TRONZ. Justin Sun has been promoting the project and has re-emphasized the importance of it. He tweeted on Monday that about 20 people have attended the MPC Project to date and that his company will be donating $100 to privacy protocol foundations for each participant.

The MPC Torch Project was developed by TRONZ, a developmental team responsible for the anonymity technology of TRON’s main chain. Earlier, Justin Sun had said,

“TRON’s MPC Torch Project seeks to utilize zk-SNARKS-based anonymity to reshape the Internet. The ultimate goal for TRONZ is to improve the security and credibility of the Setup and provide a set of fair and reliable parameters for the entire humanity. In honour of pioneers in privacy protocol, TRONZ Foundation is giving 100 U.S. dollars to privacy protocol foundations. Ultimately, individuals power the collective—MPC Torch Project will be contributed to the entire humanity for free!”

What is the MPC Torch Project?

MPC or Multi-Party Computation is a privacy-focused technology that helps parties to conduct joint computation on private inputs without needing to reveal these inputs to each other, enabling maximum data security. The MPC Torch Project will utilize the zk-SNARKS (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) based anonymity. Therefore, this project is expected to aid privacy and data security development efforts significantly.

Those who wish to partake in the project must send an application to TRONZ, and in return, TRONZ will email you a time slot for you to participate in the MPC. Server requirements include,

  1. Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 (sixth generation or newer) or equivalent
  2. Operating System: Linux (Recommended)/macOS/Windows 7+
  3. Memory: 8 GB RAM
  4. Storage: 500 GB internal storage drive

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