Justin Sun Says 2nd SpaceM on MXC Exchange Coming Soon; This time it’s JUST (JST)

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TRON CEO Justin Sun announced that the second SpaceM on MXC Exchange will be available soon. This time the project will be JUST (JST).

SpaceM is a new listing channel of MXC Exchange. It will enable project listing with different communities where the users of the community will be able to avail the project tokens. The users can earn these tokens at a discounted price through a ticket draw, subscription or other means. MX token holders will be given preference over other users who are looking to avail the new listing activities. 

What is Project JUST?

Built on the TRON Network, JUST is a dual token system. This project aims to provide a set of feasible and transparent financial services to its users across the globe.

The users having JST tokens have all rights to have control over the JUST network operations. Along with this, JST can be used to pay interest on a CDP. 

USDJ is stablecoin that is pegged with USDT at the ratio of 1:1, which is mainly initiated by TRX pledging on the CDP lending platform of JST. Users can mint stablecoin USDJ by depositing TRX assets as a guarantee in a smart contract. The project entirely controlled by the JUST community members based on the number of JST they hold.

Along with this, Justin Sun,  the CEO of the cryptocurrency platform TRON, took over twitter to announce global digital currency trading service provider BiKi’s support to the JuST ( JST) upcoming token sale. As an official strategic partner platform of TRON, BiKi is now all set to become the world’s first landing platform for JST (JUST).


To celebrate the launch of JUST, BiKi and JST will be jointly launching a subscription activity. The details regarding the subscription will be announced soon.

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