Kristy Minehan Uninvited to ETC Summit Under Vague Accusations

So it’s true. The man behind the progressive proof-of-work for Ethereum was purged from the list of invitees for the ETC summit.

Bob Summerwill, the organizer of the summit, said that he withdrew Kristy-Leigh Minehan from the list because of her relations with Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. Craig and Calvin have been into some controversial trouble regarding crypto.

Summerwill revealed the information on Twitter, stating that he did uninvite Minehan. He took such a decision after he heard about the lady’s links with alleged fraudsters in crypto.

Summerwill in an article said that Core Scientific, whose CTO is Minehan had appointed Kevin Turner(its current CEO) as an advisor for a public company, Squire Mining, based in Canada.

Calvin Ayre is the owner of a 45% share of the firm and has Craig and Jimmy Nguyen on the advisory team. Summerwill thought the connections couldn’t be overlooked in the given circumstances.

He spoke in a statement,

Craig Wright is a fraud, serial liar and perjurer, and Calvin Ayre is not much better. I cannot have the ETC Cooperative and the ETC Summit associated with such disreputable individuals and companies, so I chose to withdraw my invitation.

According to Summerwill Kristy had been in the spokesperson in a minimum of two events hosted by the news media, pro-BSV to implicitly endorsing and authenticating them.

Minehan, in response to the incident, said:

Core Scientific is a professional service provider. As long as our customers comply with U.S. law, pass mandatory KYC checks, uphold their contracts and pay their bills, they are allowed to use our services—the same as any other customer. As a company, we are agnostic to blockchain networks and political factions and believe everyone deserves the right to participate in our services.

The news about Minehan’s connection has also persuaded Summerwill to deeply investigate her into her Ethereum algorithm.

Also, after talks with Minehan About Discord, Summerwill took the decision to remain against ProgPOW. The code was created by 40 member group, aligning to its origin of open-source, and only a couple of members were well-known publicly.

Meanwhile, Minehan says,

I will fight to the bitter end to protect people’s privacy. Ever had a situation where your life was in jeopardy because of your contributions? I have. ProgPOW has undergone audits for security and potential backdoor concerns, as well as hardware optimisations. It is a gentle tweak to Ethash to fulfill its proposed properties in the original yellow paper.

But Summerwill states that it is Minehan’s recklessness about keeping links with people, and feels that her connection could make Ethereum code vulnerable to the IP risk, and hence cause trouble with ETC on the whole.

Summerwill said in a statement,

Given Minehan’s public and Core Scientific associations and complete lack of discernment about those associations, it just looks very risky to me.

He thereafter insisted the ETC community to reconsider proceeding with implementations of ProgPOW. He also indicated a need for more robust guarantees in the IP.

Trevor Holman

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