Minnapad forms new partnerships with Seiichi and Keiji Inafune

Minnapad has announced one of the most interesting updates to the community. Per the announcement, the legendary IP marker has partnered with Seiichi and Keiji to bring their IPs to the market. These will relate to Beastroid and Brain Fighter, with a lot more to be announced in the coming months. In other words, Minnapad has said this is the beginning of the series.

The partnership between Minnapad and Keiji Inafune will focus on launching the IP Beastroid. It is based on the video game, where Beastroid is a mechanized animal creature. It is tasked with saving humanity by taking them to Paradise, the virtual safe haven for players.

Pieces of information regarding its pre-sale are limited to the fact that the NFT collection will breathe new life into its virtual sphere. Moreover, existing holders will have access to the DAO membership presale. They will be the first ones to experience the utility of the ecosystem of Minnapad.

Built around the post-apocalyptic world, it leaves humans to fight for survival. As interesting as Beastroid sounds, the game is a must-try for all gamers. Having said that, NFT enthusiasts will have to wait a little longer to grab an NFT from the world of mechanized animal creatures.

Inafune has praised the Minnapad platform as being perfect for Beastroid and added that the team will continue working with other DAO members to develop the IP in various ways. Iafune has also expressed hopes for many more IPs coming out of this new DAO.

The second partnership of Minnapad is with Seiichi. Brain Fighter will take center stage to showcase the IP of warriors that are controlled by brain waves. Seiichi is credited with their work on Virtual Fighter and Tekken.

Brain Fighters are basically small robots controlled by people’s brain waves. Players battle with each other to claim the ultimate crown. It has been conceptualized to proceed in a manner that is similar to tag team along with maintaining the traditional game legacy.

Seiichi Ishii, the creator of Brain Fighter, is hopeful that working with the Minnapad team will enable them to create the IP they have envisioned. Seiichi has also said that what got them excited was the emergence of Web3 and DAO, which opened up possibilities for taking on the project in a new manner.

Tatsuya Nishioka, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Minnapad, has highlighted the primary goal of Minnapad by saying that they aim to celebrate Japanese IPs in the Web3 sphere. Tatsuya has also expressed confidence in creating new and amazing IPs with the partners.

The goal of Minnapad is to become a premier platform that connects creators and fans of Japanese content, where creators have been given the tag Legends.

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