Molecular Future Joins Hands With Blue Ocean to Transform Cryptocurrency Payments

One-stop digital asset investment service platform, Molecular Future, has recently collaborated with one of Asia’s leading e-payment firm, Blue Ocean, to jointly discuss the present as well as the future of cryptocurrency payments. The collaboration will largely focus on exploiting the penetration of blockchain technology in the financial field to entirely revolutionize the underlying technology of cross-border transfers and payments.

Ever since the advent of the very first cryptocurrency, the world has seen a neoteric way of storing and transferring money, which is way more reliable, transparent, and faster than existing institutional monetary systems. Digital currencies are indeed disrupting the financial industry significantly, and are on the verge of ushering in a new future of financial inclusion.

To propel the advancements of crypto payments even further and, in return, turn Molecular Future into a leader of offline crypto payments, the company has tied up with Blue Ocean to innovate the offline payment functionalities of MOF jointly.

This collaboration will mark the first venture of such a massive scale between a traditional e-payments company and another crypto asset management institutions to provide decentralized financial products for millions of SMBs across Asia and uplift the Asian monetary transactions system, the collaboration between the two companies are likely to build state-of-the-art solutions that essentially streamline payment processes from blockchain data transaction and crypto asset management to credit management on blockchain. Another major prospect of this cooperation would be the creation of the very first multiple offline payment scenarios for MOF. As a result, MOF assets will not only be further standardized, but MOF payment scenarios from the Molecular Future platform will also largely extended.

The Molecular Future platform already utilizes Blockchain technology as the backbone of data storage. It provides numerous additional benefits starting from unforeseen transparency to easier accounting methods and seamless profit and loss tracking. Also, it eliminates any intermediaries, which consequently reduces friction and remarkably improves efficiency compared to the centralized way.


Essentially, the solution that comes as a result of the collaboration above is most likely to be a network that is transparent, encrypted, and guarded against hack, tamper, and misappropriation.

Scott Cook

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