Morpheus.Network Joins Hands With Qingdao Maple Leaf Company

Morpheus.Network took to its Twitter handle to announce its pact with Qingdao Maple leaf International. Morpheus.Network is a leading global supply chain provider based on blockchain technology. Qingdao Maple leaf International is a Chinese trading organization. According to the Tweet, its partner Qingdao Maple Leaf International holds a reputation for exporting industrial level products to North America.

This Morpheus.Network-Qingdao Maple Leaf International collaboration will go on to deliver completely automated full-stack optimized solutions to all the distributors right from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The blog also mentions that Morpheus.Network has proved to be a game-changer by providing exceptional and completely automated protocols based on blockchain technology as a solution against the otherwise time-consuming manual business processes.

It further stated that Qingdao Maple Leaf International would function with closely-knit supply chain distributors to deliver industrial products to North America. And that one of the suppliers of Qingdao Maple Leaf Company, Xinlei Compressor, was once associated with the Morpheus.Network too, which is clear evidence that two companies working on similar lines could leverage from the synergy of their ecosystem. 

Further elaborating on the strategic partnership Morpheus.Network took to its blog to state that the alliance will open up a whole new world of supply chain traders and manufacturers based in China via its high-quality software solutions to ensure smooth functioning of the wide range of supply chains. 

The strategic alliance plans to work through a complex network of regulations spread across the world by placing a tight grip on the system via its automated technology, ensuring smooth and even business processes of the supply chain operations. This will empower the whole community of supply chain distributors allowing them to sustain and eventually flourish through cutting-edge technology. Morpheus.Network, through its blog post, has appealed to users worldwide to connect with their team for supply chain optimization. This strategic partnership is set to transform the global supply chain space. 

David Cox

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