Particle Network provides complete backing to Tron DAO

Particle Network has decided to provide complete backing to Tron DAO, as well as the Tron ecosystem. The main intention behind this is to be able to carry out improvements on the development issues and the overall onboarding exposure where the developers are concerned. The idea is to enable them to build strong and user-friendly dApps more effectively. This will be achieved with the incorporation of the new-age middleware services of Particle Network with the creative blockchain platform of Tron. 

Particle Network, on its part, is in the process of offering an all-inclusive toolkit to developers which will help them in creating innovative, as well as user-friendly dApps on the Tron platform. With the effective utilization of Particle Network’s middleware services, developers will find themselves in the position of being able to build uninterrupted login methods, along with managing accounts, and carry out interactions with multiple smart contracts that lie inside the Tron ecosystem. 

Particle Network’s middleware services will allow developers who are attached to the Tron ecosystem to avail of Particle’s smooth verification and Wallet-as-a-Service suite, which helps to narrow down user logins via MPC-TSS and Account Abstraction technologies. They will be able to bring Web2 and Web3 closer for a better shift for developers and users. Developers to improve the safety factors, as well as the dependability issues of dApps. 

Where the Tron DAO is concerned, it is a community-governed DAO working towards the quickening of the decentralization of the internet through blockchain technology, as well as dApps. Over the years, the entity is known to have made an immense amount of progress and currently boasts of having more than 41 million user accounts on the blockchain, as well as having pulled off over 4.8 billion transactions. 


In the case of Particle Network, it is a top provider of all-inclusive solutions pertaining to Web3 application development. The products that the entity has in its arsenal are a safe verification and Wallet-as-a-Service Middleware, which is duly boosted by multi-party computation, which provides developers the option of incorporating verification, as well as wallet control, functions into their applications, and conveniently. 

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